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Healthy Hawks

8 Dimensions of Well-Being

Healthy Hawk programs and events recognize eight aspects of well-being that together influence our quality of life. Discover each dimension and find opportunities to engage.

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Emotional well-being considers how you relate to your own thoughts, reactions, and feelings. It involves becoming mindful of your and coping with life experiences. Being emotionally "well" means you can express yourself in healthy and appropriate ways.

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Engagement or social well-being encompasses advocacy and service to others. Engaging in our communities helps us to affirm our intersecting identities and surround ourselves with a positive support network.

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Financial well-being involves learning to manage budgets and financial resources. It helps us maintain sustainable lifestyles and plan our futures through financial strategies like savings and investments.

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Intellectual well-being involves being curious about the world and other people’s perspectives. It can include academic study or activities like learning a language or how to cook. Diverse knowledge and skills help us assess situations and make healthy, safe decisions.

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Occupational well-being focuses on satisfying work. It often means learning transferable skills, participating in professional development, and establishing a healthy work/life balance.

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Physical well-being means living a balanced life through healthy nutrition, regular movement, and a consistent sleep schedule.

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Spiritual well-being involves finding connection and meaning in our daily lives. It may refer to a specific religious practice or activities like self-reflection and meditation. It often includes learning acceptance and recognizing how we attach meaning to life events.

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Sustainable well-being means understanding how the environment affects personal and community wellness. The air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat directly impact our physical health, and natural settings can influence our physical, intellectual, or spiritual well-being.

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Discover Healthy Hawk Programs & Events

Find opportunities to enhance all eight wellness dimensions at WaveLink, UNCW’s hub for campus events, organizations, and engagement.

Pledge to Be a Healthy Hawk

Healthy Hawks embrace the holistic well-being values established in the Cornerstone Pledge, while people and programs across campus offer their support by becoming Healthy Hawk partners.