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Financial Well-Being involves learning budget management in order to maintain a sustainable lifestyle while also learning to plan for the future through savings and investments.

  • Budget Management/Budgeting: A budget, simply put, is a plan for your money. This plan requires tracking of income and expenses, and ensuring that all expenses are paid on time and hopefully some could be saved in case of an emergency or for a larger purchase (e.g. computer, bike, tickets for a trip, car, etc.).

  • Savings & Investment: A popular way to gain financial security is by saving money and investing it. It’s not an easy task for a college student, but starting small and just getting the concept is important. Most literature says pay yourself first. This means via the budgeting process, determine how much you can place into a special account first; then pay your bills. Setting goals about saving can be a great motivator. Different accounts offer different interest rates for accrual on your savings. This is probably the most basic investment and comes at no risk because you can’t lose it.  Some consider more aggressive investments like CDs, stocks, and bonds. Your local bank or any banking institution will discuss these in detail with you.

Chat Tuesdays

Chat Tuesday is a series of online chats hosted by The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid staff throughout the academic year that help answer questions you may have. We have informative sessions that focus on topics such as; completing the FAFSA, scholarships, maintaining financial aid eligibility, and preparing for graduation. We even host pre-orientation chat sessions for new freshman and transfer students! Take a look at our upcoming chat lists below to see what we are offering. Click on the links below to learn more information and to sign-up for the chat sessions!


Chat Tuesday Schedule
Jan. 14th Refunds and Budgeting
Jan. 28th SAP: How Withdrawals Impact Financial Aid
Feb. 4th Federal Work Study
Feb. 18th Scholarship Application Session
Mar. 3rd Summer Aid Options
Mar. 17th Before You Go: Checklist for Continuing Students
Mar. 31st Before You Go: Checklist for May Graduates
Apr. 14th Summer Aid Options
Apr. 28th Education Abroad/Transient Study
May 5th SAP and Summer: Maintaining Eligibility