Healthy Hawks

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Be a Healthy Hawk

Our Pledge

Be a Healthy Hawk pledge expresses the holistic well-being values of the Healthy Hawks initiative based on the Cornerstone Pledge. Healthy Hawks is a holistic approach to daily life that acknowledges the integration of many facets that contribute to an individual’s experience of self, others, and the world.  The Healthy Hawk community provides opportunities for learning and engagement, focused on the eight dimensions of well-being (emotional, engagement, intellectual, financial, occupational, physical, spiritual, and sustainability).  Students who pledge to Be a Healthy Hawk will strive to learn and engage in all aspects of well-being during their time here at UNCW, instilling life-long holistic well-being.

The UNCW Cornerstone Pledge is foundational to leading a lifestyle of well-being.

UNCW defines well-being as a holistic approach to daily life that acknowledges the integration of many facets that contribute to an individual’s experiences of the self, others and world.

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Our Goals

The Division of Student Affairs at UNCW will:
  • help create a healthy hawk community by providing students with opportunities for learning and engagement focusing on the eight dimensions of well-being.
  • provide resources, programs and education to the UNCW student community about the importance of understanding their own individual well-being, and how to maintain an optimal level of well-being during and after college.
  • educate students on the philosophy that life-long well-being is an active process of becoming aware of and making positive choices towards a balanced and fulfilling existence where the mind, body and spirit are respected and nurtured.

Anchor Programs

  • Rock the Rec
  • Health Fair
  • Well-being Wednesdays
  • HawkTalk 101
  • Relaxation Station 
  • Hawk Hope Day
  • Meditation
  • National Nutrition Month programs 
  • National Eating Disorder Week programs 
  • Safe Spring Break programs 
  • Hydration Station
  • Sun Safety


HawkWell is a student incentive program designed to encourage our Seahawks be well. HawkWell provides opportunities for learning and engagement, while focusing on the eight dimensions of well-being. Attending Healthy Hawks educational and Well-Being Wednesday programs, volunteerism, and self-reflection are key components for the HawkWell program. This initiative has a Gold, Navy, and Teal tier for completion, with the requirements for each listed below. Incentives will differ based on the tier that the student completes, so stay tuned for more information! Contact Jade Willey (, Jessica Hans (, or Holly Smith ( for questions or additional information.

HawkWell Requirements 

All requirements are to be completed within an academic year. Individuals who complete the Teal tier may be eligible for additional recognition. Tracking is done through event attendance and self reflection on WaveLink

HawkWell requirements
Gold Tier Navy Tier Teal Tier
Student Recreation Center activity swipes 90 swipes 120 swipes 150 swipes
Healthy Hawk program attendance 8 programs (1 per dimension) Gold Tier + 4 additional programs 16 programs (2 per dimension)
HawkTalk 101 Program Attend 1  Attend 1 Attend 1
Well-Being Wednesday Program Attend 1 Attend 1 Attend 1
Volunteer Hours n/a 10 hours 15 hours
GPA n/a n/a 3.0 cumulative GPA


Request More Information

Interested in learning more about hosting a Healthy Hawk program, or receiving educational materials (handouts, PowerPoint, logos, etc.)? Contact Jessica Hans at, Dr. Leigh Lane at or Dr. Rebecca Rampe at  Program Request forms can be found here