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Responsible AI Use at UNCW

Guide For Responsible Use of Generative AI

The guide below will help you gain confidence in utilizing AI tools and models effectively while ensuring the security of UNCW’s data.

Avoid inputting any sensitive data, including certain classifications of university data and other data classified or regulated by state and federal requirements, into publicly-available generative AI tools.

The University’s Data Governance and Management Policy mandates this precaution. Information shared with generative AI tools using default settings is not private and could potentially expose proprietary or sensitive information to unauthorized parties.

As a user of these tools, you are accountable for any content you produce or publish that includes AI-generated material.

Keep in mind that AI-generated content may be inaccurate, misleading, entirely fabricated (referred to as “hallucinations”), or even contain copyrighted material. Always review your AI-generated content before sharing it.

Generative AI has made it easier for malicious actors to create convincing content.

Be vigilant and cautious when encountering AI-generated messages, especially in communication channels susceptible to phishing attempts. As a reminder, please send all suspicious emails to

  • For data privacy questions, please contact Zerek Olson.
  • For IT security questions or to report an incident (such as a data breach or system compromise), please contact 

Remember to review and consider how UNCW’s security and privacy policies apply to using AI:

Consider other policies that might apply to your work, as well: