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Staff Senators & Committees

Staff Senate Committees

Chair: Lincoln Walburn

This committee reviews and recommends changes to the Bylaws and procedures of the Senate. Any updates to the bylaws are due by May of each year.

Chair: Lane Joyner

This committee develops and implements a variety of communications with the Senate's constituencies, paying particular attention to communications with SHRA and EHRA non-faculty employees at UNCW concerning Senate activities and opportunities. One member of the Communications committee will serve as the Staff Senate Webmaster and is thus responsible for updating and maintaining the Senate website.

Chair: Ashlee Jensen
Co-Chair: Taniesha Young

This committee will present recommendations to the Staff Senate and the administration as it relates to the barriers surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion on topics including but not limited to hiring; support; mentoring; retention; and advancement of faculty, staff, and students on UNCW campus.

The committee will identify and encourage training and learning opportunities across campus to increase awareness of the experiences of underrepresented and marginalized groups. It will serve as a liaison to any University-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion committees.

Chair: Amy Rodriguez
Co-Chair: Chris McQueen

This committee is responsible for identifying and/or organizing relevant activities on campus and in the surrounding community. A strong emphasis is placed on staff involvement at UNCW and facilitating and collaborating opportunities with the community.

Chair: Heather Peedin

Attends UNCW Faculty Senate meetings and reports back to Staff Senate with monthly updates.

Chair: Nile McKibben
Co-Chair: Denise Bradley

This committee shall handle all nominations and election procedures as set forth in the bylaws. It shall also be the responsibility of the Committee to contact the nominated candidates prior to the meetings where elections are scheduled to be sure they are willing to serve and to fully explain the duties and length of term of each office to the potential candidates.

Chair: Angie Wiggins

This committee educates newly elected members and alternates to enable them to become fully contributing members of the Senate at their first official meeting, conducts any retreats of the Senate, and provides continuing development for members. The chair of this committee represents Staff Senate during HR's New Employee Orientation sessions.

Chair: Crystal Chapman
Co-Chair: Tatum Bowman

This committee monitors the activity of the scholarship fund as well as the application and award process for the fall and spring semesters. This includes promoting the application period and establishing guidelines for the online application process. This committee will update the Scholarship Handbook as needed.

The Scholarship Committee will review all scholarship applications and present applicant(s) to the full Staff Senate for approval as the scholarship recipient(s). Upon approval of a recipient(s) by the Senate, the committee works with the Staff Senate Chair and Financial Aid Department to distribute a congratulatory letter to the student and ensure the funds are transferred to the student's account.

Chair: James Taylor

This committee works to articulate the staff priority issues identified by SHRA and EHRA non-faculty to be brought forth to the Chancellor on an ongoing basis. The committee's findings are presented to the Staff Senate for review prior to submission to the Chancellor.