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UNCW CCDE Cybersecurity Awareness Conference

October 23 rd 2021

Join us for our 3rd annual Cybersecurity Conference held both in-person and virtually this year on Saturday, October 23, 2021

Past Events

UNCW CCDE Workshop - Phishing and Spoofed Email Investigations

October 22nd 2021

Topic: Phishing and Spoofed Email Investigations

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Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an email. Email spoofing is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address. It is the fabrication of an email header in the hopes of duping the recipient into thinking the email originated from someone or somewhere other than the intended source.

The main purpose of most phishing emails today is to deliver, directly or indirectly, some form of ransomware. Namely, phishing emails may have malicious attachments including some hidden macros (programs). Hidden macros may download other trojans/malware. Trojans may provide remote control to the attackers. Attackers may access, read, modify, steal, publish or encrypt your data to demand ransom. Also, attackers can use your computer to conduct another attack on another system. Last and the biggest issue is that attackers can move laterally in the network to access the organization's database to steal valuable data.

Many hacking activities may also start with a spoofed email. People can share sensitive information or obey some orders by assuming the email comes from their manager or CEOs. It might be devastating in a company or a governmental organization.

Nowadays, higher education departments, especially student accounts are under attack with spoofed and phishing emails. We will also discuss business email compromise and weaponized compromised email accounts.

Last, attendees will experience real spoofed and phishing email investigations including email header analysis and IP address investigation.

The goal of this presentation is to give more insight to the end-users with phishing email awareness and getting cybersecurity enthusiasts to be familiar with phishing email investigations.

UNCW CCDE Workshop - How to Know if You've Been Hacked

October 1st 2021

Topic: How to Know if You've Been Hacked!

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What are signs of malicious activities on your computer or in your email account?

Do you know you can investigate suspicious activity on our personal computer? or you can see the logs of your email activity?

In today's threatscape, a phishing email can be devastating to even large enterprises. How about end-users? How can they protect themselves without expensive cyber security tools?

Threat actors target personal computers to attack others by weaponizing the compromised devices. Also, they target your email addresses to send phishing emails by by pretending to be you, and deceiving victims.

In this presentation, the users will conduct an investigation on their personal computers and email addresses whether there are suspicious activities.

This activity includes checking incoming and outgoing network traffic in a computer, IP address investigation, network session investigation by looking at the amount of network traffic, checking task schedulers that are used for attacks, auditing the activities that can be used in an attack such PowerShell and firewall logs auditing.

Also, this activity will cover checking on email accounts including recent sign-ins with the recent IP addresses and locations, inbox and forwarding rules, and security alerts. Lastly, this activity will show how to avoid data loss/data breach by covering the encryption features.

Ransomware / Breach Prevention and Resilience

August 20th, 2021

UNCW's CCDE hosted, in conjuction with sponsors Earney & Company and Ward & Smith, an expert panel to help Coastal Carolina business leaders ask the right questions of their IT and hosted application providers to keep operations and information secure. Recording of this panel can be viewed here.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Webinar

March 11 th  2021

UNCW’s Center for Cyber Defense Education  is hosting the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Webinar from 2 to 3:30 p.m. on March 11. This certification will be required by all federal contractors and subcontractors to secure the supply chains.
The event will feature four speakers who have extensive experience in the field and will be moderated by Hala Strohmier. 
Details available here .

UNCW CCDE Cybersecurity Awareness Conference

October 3 rd 2020

Join us for our 2nd annual Cybersecurity Colloquia held virutally this year on Saturday, October 3, 2020

UNCW CCDE Fall Advisory Board Meeting

September 17 th 2020

The fall advisory board meeting for UNCW's CCDE will be held virtually this time.

CAE Virtual Career Fair

September 4 th 2020

The Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cybersecurity Community is hosting the fourth annual CAE Virtual Career Fair (VCF), sponsored by the National Cybersecurity Training and Education (NCyTE) Center and the National Science Foundation (NSF), on September 4, 2020, from 9:00 am-1:00 pm PT.

Storm CTF

February 29 th 2020

Storm CTF will be at UNCW campus with UNCW CCDE/ISSA Student Chapter to go over a CTF workshop. The attending group will be getting familiar with a CTF environment while StormCTF is able to test the stability of the network under remote stress. StormCTF Learner’s subnet will be available for play. This event will take place 9:30am-5pm. The event will take place in Congdon Hall 2003. Students need to have VMWare Workstation Player with Kali Linux Virtual Machine installed prior to the event. If you do not have VMWare Workstation Player, email to request access. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, 9:30am for breakfast, and at 10am CTF will start.

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CyberStart Group Play

January 31st, 2020

Created by the SANS Institute, CyberStart is a suite of challenges, tools and games designed to introduce people to the field of cyber security.

This unique opportunity is available to UNCW by a collaboration between the UNCW Center for Cyber Defense Education and UNCW Information Security. Dr. Ulku Clark, Director of UNCW CCDE, and Mr. Wetherill, Director of UNCW Information Security, were selected as participants of CyberStart, which is funded by NSF and made possible by the SANS Institute.

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Free AWS Training Friday

January 24, 2020

UNCW CCDE/CIE/ISSA Student Chapter is offering free AWS hands-on training - all day event (8:30am - 4:40pm) at 803 S College Rd Suite G, Wilmington, NC 28403; breakfast and lunch provided. Register  to secure your seat.

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UNCW CCDE Cybersecurity Awareness Colloquia

October 18, 2019

Wilmington Information Technology eXchange

April 9, 2019

  Cyber Security Was Hot Topic at Wilmington Information Technology eXchange (WWAY)

CAE Virtual Career Fair

September 27, 2019