Center for Cyber Defense Education

CAE Curriculum Path

Students completing the IT Major with Cybersecurity Concentration will graduate with skills required by the CAE-CD criteria. The courses mapped to CAE-CD criteria are:

  •     CIT 110 Fluency in Information Technology
  •     CYBR 201 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  •     CIT 225 Linux Administration
  •     CSC 131 Introduction to Computer Science
  •     CSC 385 Professional and Ethical Issues in Computer Science
  •     STT 215 Introduction to Statistics
  •     MIS 315 Management of Database Systems
  •     MIS 316 Business Application Development
  •     MIS 320 Network Fundamentals
  •     MIS 324 Network Security
  •     MIS 352 Windows Systems Administration
  •     MIS 365 Ethical Hacking

*Important note for IT majors: IT major students need to declare Cybersecurity Concentration in order to get NSA/DHS CAE certification upon graduation.