Title IX: Message from Chancellor Sartarelli

Dear UNCW Faculty and Staff:

As the 2016-17 year begins, I would like to bring to your attention to the revised Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct Policy that includes reporting requirements for all employees. At the start of each academic year, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights requires that all faculty and staff are given notice of the campus policy and are reminded of their need to report any incidents of gender-based discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct. A copy of the notice has also been sent to students.

Acts of gender-based discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct, including dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, will not be tolerated at UNCW. The SGBSM Policy includes students’ rights, resources and potential remedies, and details the campus conduct systems that address these serious offenses.

The full Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct Policy is available at: https://uncw.edu/policies/documents/04130StudentGenderBasedSexualMisconductPolicy.pdf

The scope of this policy addresses allegations of misconduct on the part of an enrolled student. Allegations of sexual misconduct against faculty or staff are addressed by the University’s Harassment Prevention Policy and Harassment Resolution Procedures. Allegations of gender-based/sexual misconduct will be promptly investigated, findings will be issued, acts of discrimination will be redressed and appropriate remedial action will be taken.

Please note that all university employees who receive a report of alleged sexual misconduct by a student, on or off-campus, must notify the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance within one (1) business day. This includes incidents that students tell you about themselves as well as incidents that students tell you about that involve other students. The Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form is available at: www.uncw.edu/noharm

Reports of student sexual misconduct or harassment not submitted through the online form should be submitted to the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance:

Amber L. Resetar, Esq.

1040 DePaolo Hall


resetara@uncw.edu or titleix@uncw.edu

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator is:

Brian Victor

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

2015 DePaolo Hall



Three departments remain confidential resources to students: CARE, the Counseling Center and the Abrons Student Health Center. These resources are exempted from reporting sexual misconduct to the Office of Title IX and Clery Compliance unless the student consents. They may be required to report information for Clery Act purposes, but those reports will not contain personally identifiable information.

Comprehensive resources for faculty, staff and students about interpersonal violence, harassment, and gender and sex discrimination are available on the University’s NO HARM website: www.uncw.edu/noharm

I encourage you to review this revised policy and to become familiar with our institutional resources. Questions about the policy can be addressed to the Office of Title IX and Clery Compliance. Resources for faculty, staff and students are available via the Office of Title IX and Clery Compliance as well as UNCW CARE. Additional resources for students are also available via the Division of Student Affairs.


Jose V. Sartarelli