Starfish: A Tool for Student Success

Starfish for Advisors

Starfish gives you a convenient way to keep track of your students and share campus-wide student success resources or support at the moment it's needed most. It also allows your students to easily book an appointment with you or someone else who can help.

Features of Starfish

Starfish is a web-based productivity tool for students, instructors, advisors, and campus support staff. Some of the tools and features include:

  • The ability to give feedback to students about academic performance, to raise concerns, or share information with other members of the UNCW community

  • An easy way to post office hours and enable students to self-schedule appointments with you

  • One-stop access to student data, like registration PINS, time tickets, current class schedules and course histories, GPA, and much more!

  • Send individual or bulk emails to students in your advising list or class roster

  • View and share advising notes for students or post relevant documents to a student's e-file for future viewing

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Starfish is accessible using your UNCW login credentials.  Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported.  We recommend using Chrome.

User Guides
User Guides
Getting Started Guide

Setup your Profile, Office Hour Block, and Sync calendar to Outlook.

Navigating My Student List Learn how to view student information in Starfish, including registration PINs and time tickets.
Attributes Guide for Faculty and Staff Explore student attributes - which attributes we import, special uses, notes, examples, and enumeration values
Managing Appointments Learn how to make and manage appointments, or create group sessions for your students.
Guidelines & Best Practices for Student Notes Review guidelines and best practices for entering student notes in Starfish, including examples of what should and should not be included.
Flags, Kudos, & Referrals

Learn how to communicate your observations about students to the campus community or refer students to support resources that can help them succeed

Starfish is a great way to keep tabs on my students and share information campus-wide.  I also appreciate how this tool integrates easily with Outlook.