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Log in to mySeaport, select the 'Students tab' (at the top of the page), then select the 'Register for Student Parking' link (in the middle under Housing, Dining, and Transportation)
  • ALL students registering for a parking pass are automatically put on the “waitlist.”  The waitlist is simply a temporary list which allows our office to review your registration for completeness, accuracy, and availability of the zone(s) you have requested. Around 24-48 hours after your initial (step 1) registration you will receive an email to finalize the purchase of your permit. *
  • *Please note: Freshman will not receive an email to complete step 2 until housing assignments have been released.
  • You will need the following information when registering for your parking permit:
    • Vehicle Make, Model, and Color
    • License Plate/Tag Number
    • Auto Insurance Company Name and Policy Number
Yes, all enrolled students may purchase a parking permit based off their housing location. See the One-Mile Radius Rule for commuter students.
  • If you would like to return your parking permit, please email Do not send this email until you no longer need to park on campus, as we will process the return when we get the email.
  • The email should include your name, student ID number, and a statement that you would like to return your parking permit.  Refunds for students are prorated according to the schedule found hereThere are no refunds issued after March 31st.  The Student Accounts office will determine if you have any monies owed and will process any applicable refund.
Complete the parking permit upgrade/change request form to be considered for a parking permit upgrade/change. Complete the online form only once, as upgrades/changes are considered based on the date of submission.
  • Log in to the UNCW parking portal, update your vehicle information, and make sure your new vehicle is attached to your current permit. Your virtual parking permit will then be valid for that vehicle.
  • If you need to temporarily add a rental vehicle, please contact rather than adding it in the portal.
Faculty/Staff may register up to three vehicles on their account at any given time; students may register up to two. However, only one vehicle per account may be parked on campus at the same time (unless the second vehicle is utilizing a temporary permit or ParkMobile.
No one may register a vehicle not owned by that individual, their spouse, parent or guardian.
  • Each virtual permit has corresponding zones that assign where and when the vehicle may park. The parking credentials and zones are linked to the owner’s account and verified and enforced via license plate recognition.
  • You may park anywhere within those zones; spots are first-come, first-served. View the campus parking map.
  • Parking on campus requires a permit or payment of ParkMobile parking fees 24/7. Parking and Transportation Services offers several permit and payment options so that you can select a permit that meets your needs and budget.
  • Visitors must park in the Visitor Lot, utilize ParkMobile spaces, or be permitted prior to parking in any other location. 
Anyone can utilize ParkMobile spaces and students, faculty, and staff have temporary parking permit options available via the UNCW Parking Portal.
When you’re parking on the go, the free ParkMobile app puts the power in the palm of your hand. Easily find and pay for parking from your phone without having to rush back to the meter. The rate for ParkMobile is $2 per hour.
No. Annual permits are valid for the entire academic year.
  • Any student with a valid Residential or Commuter student parking permit may park at the Center for Marine Science (CMS) Campus at any time of day, in white-lined spaces. See the interactive map.
  • Any faculty/staff with a valid permit may park at the Center for Marine Science (CMS) Campus at any time of day, in yellow-lined or white-lined spaces. See the interactive map
  • Visitors to the Center for Marine Science (CMS) Campus should follow visitor parking rules and regulations. See visitor parking for more information. 
Students, faculty, and staff can ride the Seahawk Shuttle and Wilmington Wave Transit buses are free to ride just by showing your UNCW One Card!

Parking Rules & Regulations

A permit or payment is required at all times, and enforcement is 24/7.The only exception is visitors to the University. Visitors must park in the Visitor Lot, utilize ParkMobile spaces, or be permitted prior to parking in any other location. 
Parking permits are required at all times. Rules and Regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • White-lined spaces are for student parking.
  • Yellow-lined spaces are for faculty/staff parking.
  • Teal-lined spaces are for visitors, service vehicles, reserved or ParkMobile parking.
  • Red-Lined spaces are for emergency vehicles.
  • Blue-lined spaces are reserved accessible parking.


If you receive a citation you have 10 calendar days to pay or appeal the citation via the UNCW Parking Portal. See Citations & Appeals for more information.
Contact the parking office at or 910-962-3178.
When a student receives a citation, the fine is posted to the student’s account.  If you have filed an appeal and it is denied, it generally takes 2-3 days for the amount owed to roll over to your student account.  All payments for amounts owed must go through your student account.  If you need any assistance with making a payment on your student account, please contact Student Accounts at or 910-962-7492.
In accordance with North Carolina General Statute 147-86.23, the university is required to collect and will charge additional fees and interest on any past-due amounts.
The permit holder is responsible for any violations that occur while the car is parked on campus.
An appeal must be filed within ten (10) business days through the UNCW Parking Portal. Please allow up to 24 hours from time of issuance to file appeal. The Chancellor appointed Parking Appeals Committee will review policies and documentation associated with the violation and consider any circumstances you describe. All decisions of the parking appeals committee are final.

Visitor Parking

Visitors can park in the Visitor Lot, ParkMobile spaces, or obtain a visitor pass to park in other desired locations.
  • From College Road (NC 132), turn onto Hurst Drive at the traffic light to enter the UNCW campus.
  • Continue on Hurst Drive to the next traffic light. Turn left onto Hamilton Drive.
  • Continue on Hamilton Drive to the intersection of Riegel Road. Turn right onto Riegel Road.
  • Continue on Riegel Road past the Warwick Center. After passing the Riegel Road/Price Drive intersection, turn left into the Visitor Lot entrance.
  • The GPS address for Visitor Lot is 4941 Riegel Road, Wilmington, NC.
Additional visitor parking spaces may be designated for special events. When attending a special event on campus, please park in the area designated by the event information. If the event information does not designate a preferred parking area, please park in Visitor Lot or contact

LPR Technology

  • Based on the type of permit you purchase; your specific virtual parking privileges are assigned to your vehicle license plate information.
  • Equipment installed in enforcement vehicles, at decks, and in surface lots will alert enforcement when cars are parked without permission.
  • No, not unless your vehicle is registered in a state that provides both front and rear plates, or if you purchase and properly install a vanity front license plate from UNCW Parking & Transportation.
  • The LPR-readable front vanity plate option will have your state-issued plate number printed onto a UNCW plate. Vanity plates can be purchased through the UNCW Parking Portal, using your UNCW-affiliated login.

Bikes & E-Scooters

Motorcycles and mopeds also require permits. They can be registered alone or may be added to a multi-vehicle permit, but only one vehicle registered to that permit is allowed on campus at a time. Please contact the Parking Office for further details.
You must return your bike/scooter to a designated on-campus bike rack in order to end your ride. 

Contact Us

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