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Billing Schedules & Due Dates

  • If your account balance is not paid in full by the due date shown on your bill, your classes will be at risk of being canceled
  • Your due date is located on your student account statement
  • Ultimately, it is the students' responsibility to officially drop all their classes, housing, meal plan, and parking if they decide not to attend UNCW. Not dropping before the posted add/drop date can have academic and financial implications
  • Please be aware of our withdrawal schedule and check the important information on the Registrar’s website
  • Bill must be paid by bill due date
  • The following day students with a balance are dropped for non-payment
  • Students receive an email to their UNCW email account explaining they have been dropped and instructions on how to be reinstated if they so choose
  • Students must pay in full, register for a payment plan and make the first payment, or secure financial aid to pay their balance
  • Students must also agree to pay a $75 reinstatement fee
  • Students cannot make changes to their course schedule during this time
  • If action is taken and the steps are followed, a student will be back in their original course schedule
  • If no action is taken, they will be dropped with no option to reinstate

Undergraduate/Graduate Billing Schedules & Due Dates

Billing schedules and due dates for traditional undergraduate and graduate students.

Online Accelerated Programs (OAP) Billing Schedules & Due Dates

Billing schedules and due dates for Online Accelerated Program (OAP) students.