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Leadership Workshops

Available Workshops

The session will introduce students to all things involvement and leadership at UNCW. We will overview the tools to get involved including WaveLink, Corq, and the Involvement Compass, and demonstrate how to find available student organizations and events of interest on campus. We'll discuss how Seahawks practice leadership on campus and the opportunities available to develop leadership skills necessary to make a difference as a student leader on campus. This information is perfect for first-year and new transfer students and can be combined with other workshops.

Emotional intelligence is central to successful leadership practice. This workshop introduces the helpful approach and capacities of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (EIL). As the theme of our campus workshop series, EIL is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those other others, for motivating others, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. This approach to leadership is central to successful leadership practice. This workshop includes activities that encourage the reflection on which of the 19 skills of EIL are strengths and areas for improvement. 

For more than 50 years, CliftonStrengths has led millions of people around the world to discover their natural talents and how each lead to success. We offer a facilitated experience for beginners and advanced users of CliftonStrengths. This option is part of a robust Strengths program that includes five workshops, personalized coaching, and more. 

Visit the CliftonStrengths site for a complete list of workshops

This workshop dives into the definition and different approaches to leadership. Participants will explore personal definitions, the historical development of the practice of leadership, and contemporary views on leadership development. This workshop is perfect for introductory conversations about leadership, and to help students expand and update their understanding of leadership and its practice.

Understanding our own personal values is a foundation of practicing leadership. This workshop uses a popular, free, and easy to understand leadership assessment to build this understanding. This workshop is perfect for classes, teams, and groups to understand more about each other and how they can work better together!

A key element of leadership is understanding that it does not require a title or position. However, many of our organizations are structured with a hierarchy and positional roles. Many students feel they are "just a member." This session helps students explore what it means to be a leader in any capacity, at any time. This session is perfect for any group, but particularly members of organizations as they try to find how they can contribute to the mission of the organization.