Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Jessie S. Moseley Opportunity Fund


About the Moseley Family

The Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Jessie S. Moseley Opportunity Fund was created by Mrs. Charlotte Moseley Worsley in honor of her parents.  Charlotte’s mother, Mrs. Jessie Moseley was a long-time friend of the university and early advocate for UNCW’s William Madison Randall Library.  As a member of the Friends of UNCW, she was instrumental in helpful with the accreditation process for the library.  Charlotte’s father, Dr. Thomas Moseley was a professor in the university’s department of history.  Dr. Moseley was remembered by many for his love of teaching and continued interest in his students.  Much of Charlotte’s childhood centered around the university and she is creating this fund in the spirit of her parent’s legacy at the university.

Purpose of Fund

The endowed scholarship is for a student who is currently facing a significant housing crisis.  The recipient will receive a one time grant to be used to subsidize housing due to an unforeseen circumstance.  It is the intent of this fund to provide support for currently enrolled students who have exhausted all other resources.  Recipients will be currently enrolled students living in off-campus housing.  Preference will be given to a junior or senior in good academic standing and/or a minimum 3.0 GPA.  However, all students in need are encouraged to apply.

Applying for Assistance

To apply for the Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Jessie S. Moseley Opportunity Fund, please complete this form. The Office of the Dean of Students will gather and review the necessary information from each applicant.  Decisions will be made by a selection committee appointed by the Dean of Students.  Students will be notified via email of the decision pertaining to their request for funds.  The Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Jessie S. Moseley Opportunity Fund will be credited to the student’s account. Students who have balances owed to the university will still be eligible to have these funds refunded to them.