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When dealing with agreements, it is always important to remember that the types of agreements listed below are sometimes used interchangeably among sites. Be sure to review the agreement in detail to understand what is truly being requested.

Changes to an agreement, especially those that may benefit the student’s learning experience or CHHS, can be requested by faculty or administrators. If these changes are program-related, they usually do not require the review of General Counsel, but it is always safe to check-in with Christie Hernandez if there is uncertainty or any questions regarding agreements.

  • If an agency where you plan to send a student(s) requests an Affiliation Agreement (sometimes referred to as contract or memorandum of understanding), please forward the agency contact information to Christie Hernandez
  • This agreement is an overarching agreement between a site and UNCW (CHHS).  It identifies specific program(s) from which the site will accept students and a main point of contact for the college. Site, CHHS, and student responsibilities are usually listed out in detail over multiple pages, which also include contact, term, and legal information.
  • This agreement is signed by the site representative and MUST be signed by the CHHS Dean. School directors can also sign, if necessary. CHHS has template agreements for each school. An overall CHHS agreement that can encompass multiple programs from each school is in the works. These agreements typically span several years.
  • For confirmation on whether an agreement is in place with a site or if a site is requesting a new agreement, please email Christie Hernandez. If a site requests changes to this agreement, it first must be approved by the program representative.
  • If the changes effect legal or risk ramifications, such as liability insurance, it then must be approved by General Counsel.
  • CHHS Affiliation Agreement Process (PDF)
  • General Counsel Resources on Contracts

These are strictly curriculum-based agreements that dictate the relationship between CHHS, or a specific CHHS program, and another institution. It is typically represented as the relationship between a community college associate program and a corresponding, expanding four-year university degree.

This type of agreement must be approved by the College Curriculum Committee and submitted to the Registrar.

This is typically a pre-determined, template agreement that is student-to-site specific, usually short in length. It is sent out on behalf of the college for every student who will complete an internship, clinical or field placement (ICFP) requirement.

Depending on individual school processes, these agreements typically require at least a signature from the site coordinator attesting they have agreed to take a student and the program/ICFP coordinator attesting the student is allowed to be there. The term of this agreement is typically one semester or the length of the student’s rotation.

If a site requests changes to this agreement, it first must be approved by the program representative. If the changes effect legal or risk ramifications, such as liability insurance, it then must be approved by General Counsel.

Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement

This agreement type is usually used to describe either a Learning Agreement or an Affiliation Agreement. This is just a different title.

Contact for a list of agencies CHHS now has agreements with.

Applied Learning (Internship, Clinical & Field Placements)

High Impact Practice Categories (pending Faculty Senate approval)

ICFP Implementation Guidelines: In response to COVID-19 and changing institutional policies regarding risk management, CHHS leadership and ALO have pulled together some guidelines that will help faculty, students and partner sites maneuver these new items.

This is a live document that will be updated as new items emerge. Please check the version date on the document to see if you have reviewed the latest version. If you have questions about this document and the guidelines listed, please email the CHHS Academic Affairs.

Office of Community Engagement Risk Mitigation: OCEAL has launched a new Risk Mitigation page that includes help documents for students, faculty and partners. They provide ways each constituent plays a part in mitigating risk and keeping themselves and those around them safe, especially when completing a placement within the community. Please also review the rest of their webpage for other engagement opportunities and information.

If you are interested in accessing their helpful applied learning Canvas site, reach out to Christie Hernandez.

State Authorization (SARA) Out of State Placements: All out-of-state clinical, internships and placements must be processed by the Office of Distance Education either though an Internship Form or by reporting out-of-state placements to Christie Hernandez.

This is because CHHS can provide only a limited number of out-of-state placements under the SARA agreement. Only certain programs offer out of state placements.

Certiphi Screenings Guide: Request for background check, drug screening and immunization screenings.

Curriculum & Progression

General Information

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AAO can help you digitize your hardcopy evaluations, applications and other forms using the UNCW-sponsored resources below:

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