Cameron Insider Winter Edition, 2012

Faculty and Staff News

The Ever-Evolving Enterprise by Steve Harper

The Ever-Evolving Enterprise

Innovation Key to Ever-Evolving Enterprise

By David Glaubach '11

Professor Stephen C. Harper's book, The Ever Evolving Enterprise: Guidelines for Creating Your Company's Future, discusses how businesses can be ahead of the curve in today's constantly changing marketplace.

The book emphasizes the importance of using tactical strategies to prepare for the future, as Harper asserts that simply keeping up with the competition is no longer effective in the current economic climate. He suggests that success in business is contingent on a company's ability to improve efficiency and to provide higher quality products and/or services than the competition.

Harper points out that in this "new economy," most consumers have access to products and services that seemed inconceivable 20 years ago. He explains that revolutionary products and/or services can make the current market leaders obsolete, but cites that such an evolving market can also provide many opportunities for growth and invention. Harper teaches readers how to stay abreast of market trends and how to take the precautions necessary to combat the negative forces that can impact a business. He notes the importance of anticipating and analyzing all of the competition's possible moves and being mindful of internal threats including a retrogressive management team.

Ultimately, the book warns readers that the future has no place for mediocrity and that success depends on experimentation and innovative thinking.

Cameron Faculty Take Leadership Roles ISECON and CONISAR Conferences

Members of the information systems operations management department have leadership roles in the 2011 Information Systems Educators Conference (ISECON) and Conference for Information Systems Applied Research (CONISAR) international conferences this November.

ISECON's first conference was in 1982 and is the largest continuously running conference for Information Systems Educators. Its primary focus is research related to improving and staying current in information systems education. CONISAR's first conference was in 2008 and is dedicated to research related to applied research and current topics in information systems. The conferences are attended by more than 250 IS/CS/IT professionals from six countries and features workshops, panels and academic research presentations on topics as diverse as pedagogy, assessment of learning, security, distance learning, data mining, mobile computing and cloud computing.

Information Systems professors involved include: Tom Janicki (chair of the conferences), Bryan Reinicke (chair of the PhD Graduate Student Symposium), Judith Gebauer, Douglas Kline and Ulku Yaylacicegi (all on the host committee).

Highlighting the conference will be speakers CSB Dean Larry Clark, and Tim Mellitt, CIO of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, as well as the announcement of the 2011 Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Educator of the Year.

Schell Publishes Management Text in China

George Schell's textbook Management Information Systems, 9th Edition (coauthored with Ray McLeod) has been re-published by Peking University Press for distribution in China.

The book covers concepts such as using information technology to engage in electronic commerce, and information resources such as database management systems, information security, ethical implications of information technology and decision support systems with projects to challenge users at all levels of competence.

Rosen Named Vice President of Decision Sciences

Drew Rosen will serve a two-year term as vice president of Decision Sciences Institute, a multidisciplinary international association dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving instruction in business and related disciplines. Rosen represents the southeast region.

Rosen said, "This is a seated board of director position involved in setting the direction for the international association from where should the new regions be, to where should the international meetings be held as well as the normal association management, setting budgets, expenditures, etc."

Porterfield edits Studies in Management and Innovation

Rebecca Porterfield, director of Cameron's International Programs, co-edited the first volume of the series New Strategies for Competitive Advantage, which highlights research from the International Business School Alliance (IBSA) program. The book, titled IBSA-Studies in Management and Innovation, focuses on new ideas and strategies for achieving competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

CSB Faculty Promotions and New Hires

Kline Takes Reins at MSCSIS

Douglas Kline


Douglas Kline, associate professor of information systems in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management will serve as chair of the Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems program at Cameron.

New Faculty Hires

The Cameron School has added several news professors to its ranks.

  • Stephanie Smith - professional in residence in the Department of Management
  • James Whitworth - associate professor in Accountancy and Business Law
  • Fredrika Spencer - assistant professor of Marketing

Faculty Promotions

The Cameron School has promoted the following professors:

  • David Glew - department chair of the Department of Management
  • Ed Graham - professor in the Department of Economics and Finance
  • Nivine Richie - associate professor in the Department of Economics and Finance
  • William Kerler - associate professor in the Department of Accountancy and Business Law
  • Glenn Walberg - associate professor in the Department of Accountancy and Business Law
  • Katie Hartman - associate professor in the Department of Marketing
  • Tracy Meyer - associate professor in the Department of Marketing
  • Ulku Yaylacicegi - associate professor in the Department of Information Systems Operations Management