Cameron Advising Center for Undergraduate Students

Guests entering the CSB Advising Center are encouraged to wear face coverings. Some personal offices may require face coverings. We offer both Virtual and Face-to-Face Advising appointments.

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Advising Center for Undergraduate Students

Cameron School of Business (CSB) Advising Center supports CSB's commitment to excellence in undergraduate business education. The Advising Center mission is to promote student success through the advising experience by:

  • Empowering students to think critically about their future and reach sound decisions
  • Providing informed guidance to help students achieve academic success
  • Equipping students with advising tools and resources that support their academic goals
  • Our Vision

    Advising is a collaboration and shared responsibility of both the professional and the student.

    Our commitment is to engage you in a conversation about your future and listen to your goals with an open-mind. We will provide consultation on academic paths, major options, and career possibilities; help you interpret and navigate academic programs, services, requirements, and policies; and give feedback on your academic progress.

    In return, we encourage you to be proactively engaged in your own academic success. We challenge you to set high standards for your own accountability and to participate in an inclusive and respectful partnership with your advising professional.

  • Our Services

    Professional advisors and staff in the Advising Center work with students in transition including (1) Undergraduate students seeking admission to the Cameron School of Business; (2) Pre-Business and Pre-Economics students; (3) Extension students enrolled in the CSB @ Onslow program; (4) Academically at-risk students; (5) Graduating seniors; (6) Prospective undergraduate students.

    Our Advisors:

    • Counsel current undergraduate business students on academic paths, major options, and career possibilities that support decisions about their future life goals.
    • Engage undergraduate students in proactive curriculum planning that supports degree progression and academic persistence toward timely graduation.
    • Assist students in interpreting and navigating academic programs, services, requirements, and policies.
    • Evaluate academic progress and advise academically at-risk students.
    • Counsel prospective students through recruitment and outreach efforts.
    • Meet the Advising Team

      The Advising Center in Cameron provides advising for Pre-Business and Pre-Economics undergraduate students at UNCW. Once students gain admission to Cameron, they are assigned a faculty advisor in the Concentration Department.
      Last Names: A - E

      Academic Advisor

      Chris Fortunato

      Cameron Hall 121C
      Email [ fortunatoc AT uncw DOT edu ] | Profile | ZOOM

      Last Names: F - L
      Tammie Bangert

      Academic Advisor

      Tammie Bangert

      Cameron Hall 100L
      Email [ bangertt AT uncw DOT edu ] | Profile | ZOOM

      Last Names: M
      Amy Knebel

      Associate Director & Academic Advisor

      Amy Knebel

      Cameron Hall 121A
      Email[ knebela AT uncw DOT edu ] | Profile | ZOOM

      Last Names: N - V

      Academic Advisor

      Jennifer McLamb

      Cameron Hall 121D


      Email [ mclambj AT uncw DOT edu ] | Profile | ZOOM

      Last Names: W - Z
      Kristine Hopkins

      Director & Academic Advisor

      Kristine Hopkins

      Cameron Hall 124B
      Email [ hopkinsk AT uncw DOT edu ] | Profile | ZOOM