Counseling Center


Presentations/Program Topics

The center provides programming related to the following domains and themes:

Outreach Themes
Cultural-Awareness.png Emotional-Health.png Personal-Success.png Positive-Well-Being.png Social-Connections.png

Cultural Awareness & Competency:

Educate students about contextual factors and intersectional identity dimensions influencing their psychological and social experiences.

Emotional Health Awareness & Training:

Reinforce the benefits of positive emotional health management and reframe help-seeking behaviors as opportunities for growth.

Personal Success:

Help students identify their values, goals, aspirations, and life experiences that inform healthy decision-making.

Positive Well-Being & Skills:

Educate and empower
students to make well-informed, healthy choices, and
develop behaviors that contribute to the personal and
campus well-being.

Social Connection:

Promote peer-helping relationships and the formation of mutually trustworthy and respectful interpersonal connections.

Sample Topics:

Black Table Talk, Q*mmunity, Mental Health within certain populations

Sample Topics:

QPR, Mood Management, Supporting Students, Emotional Awareness/Expression, Managing Anxiety, Trauma-Informed Practices

Sample Topics:

Character Strengths, Staying Resilient, Setting SMART goals

Sample Topics:

Sleep, Happiness, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Healthy Habits, Stress Management

Sample Topics:

Love Actually, Communication, Assertiveness, Vulnerability 



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