Counseling Center


Concerned about a friend?

Often counseling can help, including situations in which:

  1. Clarity is needed
  2. There may be personal harm or unhealthiness
  3. Someone has experienced loss or death
  4. Stress has interfered with functioning
  5. Depressed mood or anxiety is continuing

Encourage the student to go by the Counseling Center in person. If someone comes by they can fill out paperwork to see if they need to be seen that day, or more often, can be scheduled at a time convenient for the student's schedule. Sometimes a student may want to call first, to ask some questions before coming by.

It is helpful to let your friend know that you are concerned and support will continue if they see a counselor. Be clear that talking to you cannot substitute for professional counseling.

Occasionally, a student may want a friend to come with them to the Counseling Center. In that case, make sure that the student who will be seeing a counselor is in control of making their own appointment, so that no student feels coerced into counseling. Be respectful of the person you want to help, at the same time being clear with them about your concern and your perception of the need for a counseling contact.

Remind the student that counseling services are confidential and free of charge. Affirm your friend for having the courage to ask for help. Call 910-962-3746 to talk to a counselor if you need further consultation about how to help without getting over-stressed yourself.


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