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Q: Do I need to be a client at the Counseling Center to take advantage of In Harmony resources at UNCW?

A: You do not need to be a client at the Counseling Center to attend our meditation sessions held on campus. However, if you are interested in individual or group counseling services, you will need to come to the Counseling Center and complete our standard procedure for meeting with a counselor.

Q: I am struggling in an area of my life and feel like I could benefit from the activities or resources associated with In Harmony. What should I do to get started?

A: Please come to the Counseling Center if you feel you would benefit from meeting with a counselor one on one. If you are simply seeking information please contact the Counseling Center at (910)-962-3746.

Q: How often and/or how long do I have to do the activities you refer to in order to see a difference?

A: The specific needs and benefits of mind/body/spirit/nature activities will differ among individuals. You are your best resource for determining progress. Do your best to be open to the process and engage in consistent self-reflection regarding your experiences and feelings.

Q: How do I choose the activity that is best for me?

A: Sometimes it is helpful to start with an activity you feel excited about or intuitively feels like the best fit and give it a try. It is also useful to consider what activity is most realistic for you given your schedule and priorities. Keep in mind that there are multiple options and/or it may take multiple times practicing a selected method to reap the benefits.

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