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In Harmony is dedicated to understanding the relationship of our mind, body, emotions and spirit for our experience of harmony, peace, confidence and creative drive - in our studies, work and life direction.. When our thoughts, feelings and activities are in harmony with our deepest values and life purpose we find growing meaning in our academic studies, our relationships, careers and life.

The modern science of mind-body-spirit disciplines reinforces traditional knowledge around the world that when there is proper nurturance of mind and body - sustained by nature and our inner spirit - health and well-being prosper. We enhance this nurturance through a balanced life-style and mind-body activities that are natural to us, such as meditation, exercise, creativity, good food, music, reading, discussion, and spending time with nature and good company.

In Harmony is an initiative developed by members of the University of North Carolina Wilmington Counseling Center. The goal of In Harmony is to support students who would like to feel more connected both internally and externally through balance or harmony among mind, body, spirit, and nature. Our goal is to take a holistic approach to health and healing. In Harmony strives to connect students with resources for inner peace, harmony, and well-being. The website serves as a gateway to locating such resources. We at In Harmony promote student engagement with self-help resources as well as participation in activities such as group meditation, yoga classes, tai chi classes, personal counseling, etc. Both self-help and facilitated resources are presented on this website.