Counseling Center

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Frequently Asked Questions about Counseling

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a collaborative process between counselor and client. This relationship is an important one and includes:

  • a caring, respectful environment
  • mutually agreed upon goals for counseling
  • answers to your questions about this process

How do I make an appointment?

Come by the second floor of DePaolo Hall and schedule with the receptionist for an initial intake session.

What if I need to be seen quickly?

The Counseling Center has staff available daily for "crisis and emergency" clients. Following a brief intake session to assess your needs, you will be referred for individual, group counseling or other appropriate services.

Does it cost?

Counseling services are free to enrolled students.

Off Campus Referrals

From time to time referrals are made off campus to better meet a student's individual needs.

Provider update form for Licensed Mental Health Professionals (pdf file)


In accordance with ethical standards and state and federal law, Counseling Center staff take every reasonable precaution to protect your privacy.

The identity of those using our services, along with the personally identifiable disclosures made in counseling, are held in confidence. Confidential information is not shared with anyone outside the center without your written consent unless there is a clear and imminent danger to you or to others or a special court order. There is no information about your counseling kept with your academic or health records at UNCW.


If you have difficulty accessing any information from the Counseling Center web pages or other infromation throughout our site, plese contact us by telephone at 910-962-3746 or by email at and we will provide alternatives.