Counseling Center

Faculty and Staff

The Counseling Center appreciates your referral of students to our services. Please know that we conduct an assessment and consultation with all students who seek mental health services at the center. In some cases, due to the short-term nature of our services, we may assist with referrals to off-campus providers. This happens when it is clear that a student's concerns would be better served by a provider who can offer more expertise and/or longer term services.

The Counseling Center staff is available to provide consultations to professors, administrators and departments concerning student mental health needs. If you desire such a consultation, please contact us at extension 910-962-3746.

Faculty & Staff Employee Assistance Program

The university has contracted with ComPsych EAP Services to provide assistance to employees and their dependents. Services include confidential employee & family member assessments and self-referrals, management consultations and referral services, fitness-for-duty evaluations and support, crisis intervention services, case monitoring, and a broad range of web-based resources, using an extensive network of behavioral health care providers.

The EAP services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year via a dedicated phone number.

You can reach a ComPsych care counselor by calling 1-877-274-7342. You can visit the ComPsych website for a wealth of additional resources and self-assessments at The university Web ID is: UNCW

View the ComPysch Guidance Resources Quick Reference Guide here.

For any additional questions regarding the EAP, please contact Liz Grimes at 910-962-3274


If you have difficulty accessing any information from the Counseling Center web pages or other information throughout our site, please contact us by telephone at 910-962-3746 or by email at and we will provide alternatives.