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COVID-19 Mental Health Resources page

We understand that this situation may be troubling or triggering to many in our community. We’re all likely experiencing some emotional discomfort given the spread of Covid-19 and the disruption to our lives. Grief at losing out on experiences, frustration, uncertainty—all are normal reactions at this time. The situation is new and unpredictable leading to some unpredictable reactions. If you are feeling anxious or worried because of the news about the coronavirus, we encourage you to browse these resources. 

Know that the University is committed to you. You’re the reason we exist! We’re working very hard to plan carefully and ensure your studies, growth, and campus connections continue.

Be careful of Covid-19 overload.  Limit the time you spend taking in Covid-19 news.  It’s coming at us from all directions and this can be overwhelming. Turn off/stop reading the news. Maybe check in once a day. 

Be careful of Covid-19 misinformation.  Rumors abound about what’s open, what’s not, what’s closing, and so on. Check out rumors for yourself by going to reputable sources. Check out state and local government sites for up to date information about closings. Go to the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for correct information about the virus. Additionally, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has created a site for North Carolinians. 

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