Counseling Center


Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the Counseling Center? 

The Counseling Center is located on the 2nd floor of DePaolo Hall, Suite 2079. Parking is  available on the backside of the building in spots marked "Student Health Center." These spots are reserved for clients meeting with a provider at Student Health or the Counseling Center and have a 2-hour limit.   

Why consider therapy?  

Therapy can be a wonderful journey to explore anything in your life that may be impacting relationships, academics, or general well-being. Therapy can assist you in gaining insight, process events, or increase skills in managing your mental health. We strive to create an open non-judgmental space that individualizes therapy to the needs of the student. 

Who is eligible for services?  

To be eligible for services you must be a current UNCW student, located in North Carolina, and complete required paperwork and procedures. 

What are the costs? Is insurance needed? 

There is no cost associated with services. We also do not go through insurance and insurance is not required to receive services.  

Who are the providers? Can I request someone? 

The center staff bios can be found here. Staff members are licensed on different levels depending on education obtained. We currently have licensed counselors, psychological assistants, social workers, and psychologists. You have the option to request to work with someone for your initial consultation. If you do not have a preference to meet with a specific provider, you will be scheduled to meet with the next available person. 

How do I make an appointment? 

You can come to the Counseling Center or call 910-962-3746 to make your first appointment. For a full list of service options, click here 

What can I expect from my first session? 

The first session is called an initial consultation appointment and will be up to 50 minutes. Prior to this appointment, you will complete paperwork that will take between 15-20 minutes to complete. Following this appointment, the therapist and student will decide what next steps (individual therapy, group therapy, a referral to a community provider etc.) are appropriate based on the needs of the student.  

Are there other options to receive support outside formal therapy? 

Yes! We have many outreach programs that have educational materials and activities supporting mental health. These programs are open to all students. We also offer self-help resources to support the campus community.  

Is there a session limit? 

There is not a session limit for therapy. The center provides short-term goal-oriented therapy, most commonly on an every-other week basis. Individual therapy at the Center is not recommended for students seeking or needing intensive or long-term treatment. 

What do I do if I am interested in intensive or long-term therapy? 

You can use our referral database  to find a local therapist or use Psychology Today for additional options. Additionally, if you are a student, you can call and schedule an appointment with our Clinical Resources Coordinator who will discuss referral options with you. 

Are services virtual or in-person?  

During the summer of 2021 term, services are virtual only with walk-ins emergency hours being in person Monday-Friday 8-5pm. Starting in August 2021, most therapy will be done in-person and masks will be required. Individual Teletherapy (therapy over video) may be an option for students who meet all three of the following criteria: 1) Is a current UNCW student that will be located in North Carolina for all sessions; 2) Is appropriate for teletherapy and a brief therapy model as assessed by the IC clinician; 3) Has completed the teletherapy agreement and other required paperwork. For more information, call the Counseling Center at 910-962-3746. 

What if I need to be seen quickly?

The Counseling Center has staff available daily for "crisis and emergency" clients. 

What if I am in crisis when the office is closed?

The Counseling Center offers a after-hours crisis line that you can access by calling 910-962-3746 then press #3. 


In accordance with ethical standards and state and federal law, Counseling Center staff take every reasonable precaution to protect your privacy.

The identity of those using our services, along with the personally identifiable disclosures made in counseling, are held in confidence. Confidential information is not shared with anyone outside the center without your written consent unless there is a clear and imminent danger to you or to others or a special court order. There is no information about your counseling kept with your academic or health records at UNCW.

For questions or comments about this site, please contact us.  If you have difficulty accessing any information from the Counseling Center web pages or other information throughout our site, please contact us by telephone at 910-962-3746 or by email at and we will provide alternatives.