Counseling Center

Welcome to the Counseling Center

Mission Statement

In support of the educational mission of the University and the Division of Student Affairs, the Counseling Center provides a broad range of psychological, counseling, and educational services that facilitate the personal and academic success of students enrolled at UNCW.

Counseling Center Services

  • Initial Consults

    Initial Consults

    During this appointment, students meet with a therapist to discuss their concerns and explore options. Based on this discussion and the therapists' review of the paperwork, the therapist will make recommendations for services. For example, self-help resources, workshops, brief goal-oriented individual, relationship, or group therapy, etc. Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes early to complete paperwork. 

  • Crisis Consults

    Crisis Consults

    These are one-time appointments to help a student cope a mental health crisis (such as suicidal or homicidal thoughts, urges, plans: hallucinations or hearing voices; or an inability to cope with a recent crisis). There are therapists scheduled to be available for these appointments from 1pm-4pm M-F. However, if needed for emergency purposes, students may access a crisis consult between 8-1pm M-F. To initiate a crisis consult, please come to the center and complete the required paperwork.

  • Referral Consults

    Referral Consults

    Students who are seeking and/or needing intensive or long-term treatment or who are interested in meeting with an off-campus therapist for others reasons, can meet with our Clinical Resources Coordinator, Erika McCullough-Simpson. During these 30-minute appointments, students will have an opportunity to briefly discuss their concerns and will be provided with a list of community-based providers that will match their needs. Students can use our referral database to find a local therapist or use Psychology Today for additional options.

  • Therapy


    College can be a stressful time of transition and change. Concerns about relationships, depression, anxiety, sexuality, and family are all considered to be a natural part of these life changes. Sometimes talking things over with a therapist or in group therapy gives you a chance to benefit from another perspective as you determine how you might want to approach a difficult or challenging situation. Therapy can also support you in increasing self-awareness, self-confidence, and a wide variety of coping skills.

    In order to start therapy, you must first have an Initial Consult. Like most university counseling centers, our Counseling Center typically provides short-term goal-oriented therapy, most commonly on an every-other-week basis for 50 minutes sessions. Therapy at the center is not recommended for students seeking or needing intensive or long-term treatment. If a student is not eligible or interested in therapy services, they can use our referral database to find a local therapist, use Psychology Today for additional options, or make a Referral Consult appointment to discuss options. For more information on therapy, click here

  • Outreach


    We provide many mental health resources, programs, and events that reach students outside of the center. We have self-help resources that vary in topics and additional self-help information can be found at the Healthy Hawks website. We host a variety of virtual events that are posted on WaveLink. For a variety of helpful psychoeducational videos and meditations, please visit our new YouTube channel. To learn more about outreach, click here.



If you have difficulty accessing any information from the Counseling Center web pages or other information throughout our site, please contact us by telephone at 910-962-3746 or by email at and we will provide alternatives.