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Placement of MSA Students at Graduation


Annual Median Salary of Accountants in North Carolina


Annual Accounting Jobs Projected from 2020 to 2023

Typical Jobs

Personal financial advisors consult with clients about money-related matters, such as investments, mortgage payments, retirement and estate planning, and college savings. 
Students may choose from different subfields of accounting. CPAs specialize in tax and financial documents with legal disclosure requirements. Other roles include management accountants, who primarily work in corporate settings, and government accountants, who audit individuals and organizations based on state and federal regulations.
Internal auditors examine their organization's financial records for errors and discrepancies, and ensure compliance with different laws and regulations.
Budget analysts compile and submit reports that reflect their organization's financial needs and spending practices. They may also have a hand in analyzing budget proposals for accuracy and compliance. 


  • ACG 301 - External Financial Reporting I
  • ACG 302 - External Financial Reporting II
  • ACG 305 - Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • ACG 306 - Accounting Information Systems
  • ACG 404 - Federal Income Taxes
  • ACG 406 - Auditing Concepts

  • ACG 445 - Current Topics in Accountancy OR
  • ACG 450 - Introduction to Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination