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For Extension Students

Online Course Delivery Information & Expectations
Required Individual Physical Activity

Summary of Required Physical Activity Weekly Minimums Based on National Health Guidelines

cardiovascular resistance (muscle-strength) flexibility
frequency 3 days spread throughout week 2 non-consecutive days/week 3 days/week (on cardio/or resistance days)
intensity RPE 5-6 = moderate RPE 7-8 = vigorous Lift to fatigue>[~55-75% of 1 repetition max (RM)] 10% beyond normal range of motion [slight discomfort, but no pain]
time 150 min moderate/week
or 75 min vigorous, or 100 min combination (>10-minute bouts)
1 set of 8-12 reps 3-4 reps per stretch maintain static hold 10-30 sec/stretch (>10-minute bouts)
type aerobic 8-10 resistance exercises (all major muscle groups) 8-10 static, dynamic, PNF, &/or ballistic stretches (all major muscle groups)

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