Youth Programs

About Us

Mission Statement

Youth Programs group Youth Programs serves as a pipeline for engaged learning between the university and the preK-12 community. By building on the strengths of UNCW faculty, staff, students and facilities, we create academically enriching programs that provide:

  • Youth with relevant university experiences...
    allowing them to apply what they already know, learn new material and skills, discover new areas of interest, explore career options, and ultimately value higher education
  • UNCW students with experiential and service learning engagement opportunities...
    encouraging them to share their knowledge, practice their skills, serve as role models for youth, and develop an appreciation for and commitment to preK-12 outreach
  • Faculty and staff with outreach partnerships...
    supporting their scholarly engagement as mentors, content specialists and funding sources for programs that benefit UNCW students, preK-12 youth, and teachers


Our programs are critically reviewed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as part of the University's accreditation process. This accreditation confirms that we are following our mission and achieving our goals and those of the university. As part of the accreditation process we engage in a rigorous evaluation program, collecting data that is used to inform our decisions and improve programming.

Working with Minors

Please review our UNCW Minor's Policy for more information.

For more information, contact
Sue Kezios, Ph.D.
(910) 962 - 2118

We are located at: 626 MacMillan Ave., Wilmington, NC 28403