Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Welcome to Youth Programs

Enjoy Online Learning & Hands-on Fun with our new 2020 summer camps.

Please join us this summer in our online family to make new friends and learn together.

Each day campers will login for morning welcome and instructions. A new career or tool of the trade may be introduced and a guest speaker may share their experience. Campers will engage in a shared online activity before logging off to try out a home activity using the STEM kit provided. After lunch, campers will login again and share the results of their home activity. Instructors will challenge the group with a new activity before students log off to explore their second home activity for the day. Students will rejoin the group at the end of the day to share their results and discuss what they learned.  Each day will have a different focus within the fields of engineering or marine science.  On the final day campers will share what they have learned about their chosen field.


  • Make new friends
  • Meet some STEMist*
  • Complete up to 7 home activities
  • Complete up to 9 online activities
  • Enjoy learning some cool STEM stuff

*STEMist: Expert in applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Explorer, creator, investor ... STEMist! 

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