University Learning Center


From the Director of the University Learning Center

Greetings from the University Learning Center at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. We appreciate your interest in our services. On these pages you will find important information about our center, including our mission, history and recent statistics, as well as answers to any questions you may have. In this welcome, though, I want to provide some insight about the privilege of working with the talented people who work at the ULC.

The ULC enjoys the support of faculty, staff, and students at UNCW in part because we strive for excellence in what we do. That excellence is driven by the ULC staff, a team of passionate professionals that I am privileged to work with. Each staff member brings particular skills and strengths to their job, but we all hold in common a focus on providing high-quality academic support for students at UNCW. Whether we are covering the front desk, collaborating with colleagues across campus, or working closely with a tutor, the development of all UNCW students is the focus of our mission. Our staff is hard-working, thoughtful, ethical, insightful, and (importantly) a lot of fun. We enjoy our work at the ULC and we strive to be role models for our students.

The privilege of working with this staff is unparalleled, except in one instance: the privilege of working with our students. Each year the University Learning Center typically employs more than 100 students who work as peer consultants, leaders, mentors, tutors and front-desk assistants. These students are always impressive. They are hard-working, innovative, and smart. More than that, though, they are some of the most giving (of their time, knowledge, and experience), energetic, and engaging people I know. I get to work with them daily - I see them in between their sessions, during staff meetings, at training workshops - and I am constantly impressed by their insight and dedication. These are students who care, not just about themselves, but about their academic fields and their peers.

As you can see, I am very lucky to get to work every day with such an impressive group of people. If you are a student at UNCW, I hope that you will utilize our services and get to know this amazing staff. If you are faculty or staff at UNCW, I hope you too have the privilege of working and collaborating with the ULC staff and students. And if you are just interested in the ULC at UNCW, I hope this letter and our other pages give you some insight about our services and our staff. I am happy to answer any other questions you may have, so don't hesitate to contact me.


William E. Wilkinson