University Learning Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes can I get help with through ULC?
  • Writing consultations are available for all academic writing needs across the curriculum. All undergraduate and graduate students may utilize Writing Services.
  • Tutoring is available for all Math and Statistics courses (see Math Services for more information).
  • Additionally, Tutoring Services offers tutoring for most University Studies courses and select non-University Studies courses (see Tutoring Services for more information).
  • Certain courses with high D/F/W rates are covered by our Supplemental Instruction program. One-on-one Learning Services tutoring is not provided for courses covered by Supplemental Instruction.
How soon can I get a tutor? I just have an exam today and/or a foreign language paper that needs reviewing.
  • There are three ways to get help from a writing tutor: set a Writing Center appointment, submit your paper online through our OWL, or drop in at the Writing Lab.
  • Math tutoring is available on a walk-in basis during Math Lab hours. Scheduled one-one-one tutoring appointment are available for select Math courses. See Math Services.
  • Tutoring Services sessions require students to make an appointment.
    If there is no tutor on staff for that particular course, come to our office to start a tutor search.
  • Supplemental Instruction sessions are offered weekly and any student in the supported courses can drop in to any of these sessions.
  • The ULC provides peer academic support. This means that our ability to provide academic support is dependent on the availability of qualified, UNCW students to work as peer consultants, leaders, mentors, and tutors. We cannot
    guarantee the availability of academic support.
Can I drop off my work / paper for a tutor to review?

NO. Since all tutoring is collaborative, with the ultimate goal being your development as an independent learner, we will not go over your work in your absence.

How often can I meet with my tutor? Where and when do we meet?
  • Students can meet with a writing tutor twice per week per paper or course. There is no limit to how often you can visit the Writing Lab.
  • There are no limits to how often you can visit the Math Lab and talk with a math tutor. Scheduled one-one-one tutoring appointment are available for select Math courses during Fall and Spring semesters. See Math Services.
  • For Tutoring Services tutoring, you can schedule up to two hours per week per course during the Fall and Spring academic semesters (there is no limit on the number of courses).
  • Summer Writing and Learning tutoring eligibility is a maximum of one hour daily.
  • All tutoring takes place in the University Learning Center during center hours. You can submit a paper to our OWL at any time.
What can I expect at my appointment?
  • The tutor will begin by assessing the needs/concerns you have about the course. In a writing consultation you will be asked to read your paper aloud.
  • In a Tutoring Services or Math appointment, you may be asked to demonstrate what you already know. These processes help the tutor to assist you in identifying mistakes, omissions, and opportunities for revision.
  • The tutor may stop you along the way to ask a question or discuss an idea. Tutors are trained to help you master the concepts and/or skills you need to effectively manage your own learning. Instead of correcting homework or proofreading papers, you can expect your tutor to guide you toward skills that will help you avoid repeating mistakes, allow you to correct erroneous thought processes, and imagine new approaches to your work.
  • To assist in this process, be sure to bring with you the tools you will need, such as the course syllabus, textbook, writing assignment description, etc.
  • An Effective Tutoring Services Tutoring Session:
  • Best Approach to Using the Math Lab:
  • How to Make the Most of Your Writing Consultation:
What if I have to cancel an appointment?
  • If you are canceling 24 hours before the appointment is scheduled, log in to our online appointment system and cancel the appointment. If you are having online difficulty, phone the ULC front desk staff: 910-962-7857
  • If the appointment is less than 24 hours away, contact the ULC front desk staff immediately at 962-7857 or Appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be counted as missed appointments.
I work better one-on-one / in a group. Can I request an individual / group session?
  • Writing consultations are all individual appointments (unless you are working on a group writing assignment for a class).
  • Math tutoring is in a lab setting. It is often one-on-one with the tutor, but in room with other student workers. Small groups from the same class can visit the Math Lab and talk with a math tutor.
  • Tutoring Services tutoring sessions are one-on-one unless you come to our office to request a small group (three students maximum) session. All of the students in the group must come to our office to complete the request form. The 24-hour notice policy applies, so dropping in to a friend's existing session is not allowed.
  • All SI sessions are group tutoring.
Can I get a tutor for a class supported by SI?

No. Classes supported by SI are not supported by Tutoring Services.
Exceptions are only made for students who have verifiable class conflicts with the scheduled S.I. sessions.

I'm not currently enrolled in the class. Can I still get a tutor?

No. You must currently be enrolled in the UNCW course in order to be assigned to a tutor.

I'm in an online course. Can I get help at the ULC?
  • Select UNCW online courses are supported, but students in online course may still have to come to the University Learning Center for tutoring and/or attend the appropriate SI session.
  • Students can receive an Online Consultation for any writing assignment.
I need help preparing for the PRAXIS/ GRE / MCAT / LSAT / GMAT. Can someone at the ULC help me?
  • Make an appointment to see a Writing tutor to help you prepare for the writing portion of a standardized test.
  • If you provide sample problems, a Math tutor is available on a drop-in basis to help you prepare for the math portion of a standardized exam.

My grade school/middle school/high school aged child needs tutoring. Can he get a tutor here?
  • The University Learning Center does not provide academic support outside the university community, but if you would like to hire a tutor on private contract, we can pass your information on to our tutors. The ULC does not give out our tutors personal information and does not get involved in negotiating the terms of private contracts.
  • The Education Lab in the Watson School of Education does offer some tutoring of grade school children. For more information call 962-3633.