University Learning Center

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Student Affairs Goals & ULC Objectives

Below you will find the Division of Student Affairs Goals and the objectives for the University Learning Center derived from those Goals.

Provide quality programs and services that effectively meet the primary mission of each department.

  • Provide academic support services in the form of peer tutoring
  • Provide a student-centered, non-traditional and innovative learning experience for students

Foster the UNCW Experience - a welcoming, connected, supportive, safe, and celebrative campus culture where involvement is paramount.

  • Provide tutors who collaborate in the learning process of their peers
  • Celebrate success of peer tutors

Develop students' knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare them to serve society and address the challenges of their careers.

  • Nurture the development of academic knowledge
  • Nurture the development of transferable skills

Engage students in applied learning to enhance their personal and intellectual development.

  • Provide practical opportunity for peer tutors to apply their knowledge and skills in a collaborative learning environment
  • Provide a training experience that enhances peer tutors' professional and intellectual development

Advocate for the needs of a diverse student body.

  • Advocate for students' need for and access to support in developing academic success skills for college and accessing alternative academic learning expereinces

Commit to the development of a just campus community through education and discourse about leadership, diversity, civic engagement, sustainability, and global awareness.

  • Ethically apply the Academic Honor Code
  • Ensure tutor awareness of diverse student identities on our campus.

Provide high quality, well-maintained, and accessible facilities which support student success.

  • Ensure that our facilities are accessible to all students
  • Track student usage to ensure space is used efficiently

Make decisions that are data-supported, creative, efficient and enhanced by emerging technologies.

  • Base assessment of our services on theory and practice in the field of academic support

Improve our communication efforts with all constituents.

  • Routinely communicate with academic departments and UNCW staff (i.e. advisors) about our services
  • Utilize opportunities we can staff to communicate about our services to students