Division of Student Affairs

BSAG Cover Photo

The Creation of BSAG

The Black Student Action Group (BSAG) was developed to create actionable steps in response to the needs presented by Black student leaders at UNCW during Summer 2020. As a result, BSAG examined all divisional practices to ensure an enhanced college experience for Black-identifying students at UNCW through their experiences within Student Affairs. In addition, BSAG served as a response to educate, train, and develop the professional and student staff within the Division of Student Affairs on the cultural perspectives and needs of Black-identifying individuals.

Mission Statement 2020 - 2021

"BSAG strives to enhance the Black student experience by establishing strong foundational support within the Division of Student Affairs at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). Through the establishment of inclusive recruitment practices and on-going, intensive training and professional development, the group works to prioritize elevating Black cultural competencies within all departments of Student Affairs and within every student experience supported by the division."

Highlights from the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year:

  • Over 500 student employees completed training on topics of race, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Student employee supervisors received a facilitation guide and curriculum on how to conduct team discussions about race, equity, and intersectionality.
  • “Good Practices for Hiring & Retaining Diverse Staff” document was created for divisional hiring officials, search chairs, and search committee members.
  • All Student Affairs staff completed Equal Employment Opportunity training.
  • A training on Critical Race Theory was completed by 93 Resident Assistants and 70 Desk Receptionists.
  • QR codes were posted in the residence halls for collecting feedback from students to report issues or concerns.
  • An Institutional Diversity & Inclusion Goal was approved by Staff Assembly and will be added to all UNCW SHRA Employees’ Full-Cycle Goals beginning 2021-2022.

Continuing the Work

To learn more about this years' DEI efforts in Student Affairs, check out the Inclusive Community Committee. BSAG's work in 2020-2021 informed the recrafted structure of Student Affairs' Inclusive Community Committee in the Division of Student Affairs for us to continue the work done in BSAG for the future.

Check out the Inclusive Community Committee to learn more