Division of Student Affairs

BSAG Cover Photo

Mission Statement

The Black Student Action Group (BSAG) serves to respond to the needs and to enhance and empower the Black student experience at UNCW. We contribute to this goal by addressing the cross-functional, current, and future engagement of the Black student experience through pedagogy, leadership development, and establishing strong foundations to sustain continued growth of Black students at UNCW. 

Group Makeup

BSAG is a group comprised of 13 Student Affairs staff, 2 undergraduate students, and 1 graduate student. Co-chaired by the Director of CARE and the Assistant Dean of Students. The group is advised by the Associate Vice Chancellor/Dean of Students and the Director of Housing & Residence Life. The group is divided into 4 subgroups that stem directly from the overall goals provided by the Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs: Staff Training and Development, Student Staff Training and Development, Staff Hiring and Outreach, and Engagement Opportunities in Housing & Residence Life. The group meets on a weekly basis, and its leadership group meets bi-weekly. 

Guiding Principles

  • To create actionable steps to respond to the needs presented by Black student leaders at UNCW during summer 2020.
  • To enhance the college experience of Black-identifying students at UNCW through opportunities that align with and complement the efforts of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI).
  • To educate, train, and develop professional, paraprofessional, and student staff within the Division of Student Affairs on the cultural perspectives of Black-identifying students.


  1. Develop a curriculum that delivers programs and trainings to all full-time and part-time Student Affairs staff to give them the ability to reflect, process, and openly acknowledge biases in order to be effective leaders in their communities.
  2. Create engagement opportunities that promote learning and growth in the residence halls.
  3. Increase purposeful recruitment and opportunities to attract Black-identifying staff in Student Affairs.

Subgroups and Members

Staff Training
and Development

Student Staff Training
and Development
Staff Hiring
and Outreach

Engagement Opportunities in
Housing & Residence Life (HRL)

Members Members Members Members
Gina DeMattei (Lead) Erin Williamson (Lead) Charles Ozuna (Lead) Christa Faison (Lead)
Erika McCullough-Simpson Stefanie Norris Monica Chase Amber Resetar
Will Wilkinson Alexis Pean Paul Cole Dwayne Altman-leach
Dominique Travers