Coordinated Compliance Program

University of North Carolina Wilmington is committed to operating ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies.

In that spirit, UNCW has established the Compliance Program to enhance its existing compliance efforts and act as a resource on legal, regulatory, policy, and ethical responsibilities. The Compliance Program enables the University to provide centralized monitoring and substantive support for the legal and ethical conduct of its operations. The Program encompasses legal obligations with a reporting or filing deadline, policy development, and ethical workplace practices. The General Counsel acts as interim coordinator for the Program. Overall, the Compliance Program is designed to fortify the university’s decentralized ownership structure within individual units that possess relevant subject matter expertise.

Operational elements of the Compliance Program include:

  • Creation of a university-wide compliance calendar;
  • Promoting ethical standards as embodied in UNCW’s Ethics Policy;
  • Pro-active policy assessment, revision, and development in partnership with responsible offices;
  • Annual reporting to UNCW’s Cabinet, Chancellor, and Board of Trustees’ Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee; and
  • Development of a Compliance website to house resources and communicate updates and information to the university community.

This site contains information about each of the Compliance Program's pillars:

  • Compliance calendar;
  • University policies; and
  • Ethics.