Division of Student Affairs

Pelican Hall Students Checking In to Dorms

About Student Affairs
"Creating Experiences for Life"

The Division of Student Affairs consists of fourteen functional departments, each of which is responsible for providing a variety of student support, service, and educational programs which are accessible to all members of the university community. The staff members are dedicated individuals known for their passion and commitment to implementing programs and services that affect student development over the course of a lifetime. Student Affairs provides excellent delivery of student services that are responsive to student needs and promotes the quality of life and education both inside and outside the classroom. We build institutional traditions and lifelong affiliations through creative programs, vibrant student organizations, and a living/learning environment built on core values and uncompromising principles. The Division is a leader and primary spokesperson for students.


Core values are the underlying components of our work, the most basic principles which hold true when anything in the environment changes. Unshakeable and fundamental to our existence, the following beliefs form our shared identity and purpose in the Division of Student Affairs.

We keep students at the forefront of every program we design, every administrative decision we make, and every educational opportunity we embrace. We balance our support of students by challenging them to make informed choices based on sound rationale. We foster students' abilities to think critically and solve problems, which will serve them well after they graduate. We create a campus environment which focuses on success at UNCW and beyond.

We promote diversity by cultivating a respectful and inclusive community in which myriad identities, perspectives, ideas, and beliefs contribute to academic rigor, self-exploration, and an understanding of others. We encourage students to broaden their views, to be open to new experiences, and to apply their education toward addressing social, political, economic and environmental challenges confronting our communities.

We are committed to ethical practices, civility, and accountability in our work. We operate and educate our students in an atmosphere of openness and are committed to the highest professional standards in all endeavors.

We engage students, faculty, staff, and community partners with mutual trust, unconditional regard, and support. We treat each other with dignity, respect, and appreciation. Modeling these behaviors, we help prepare students to approach life and work in a collaborative manner.

We emphasize the critical importance of engagement as a means of promoting personal growth and learning in all aspects of students' lives. We approach engagement as a process rather than a product, with the intention of building community to foster intellectual curiosity, civic responsibility, leadership, and respect for others. We use the total campus environment and the broader community to educate our students and help them understand the benefit of experiential learning.


The Division of Student Affairs will create experiences for life for our students by being a national leader among higher education institutions through our commitment to holistic student development, responsiveness to students' changing needs, and ability to embrace innovative programs and practices.


As an integral partner in the Journey of Learning, we facilitate the academic and personal success of UNCW students and engage them in opportunities, experiences, and services designed to promote lifelong learning.


  • Provide quality programs and services that effectively meet the primary mission of each department.
  • Foster the UNCW Experience - a welcoming, connected, supportive, safe, and celebrative campus culture where involvement is paramount.
  • Develop students' knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare them to serve society and address the challenges of their careers.
  • Engage students in applied learning to enhance their personal and intellectual development.
  • Advocate for the needs of a diverse student body.
  • Commit to the development of a just campus community through education and discourse about leadership, diversity, civic engagement, sustainability, and global awareness.
  • Provide high quality and well-maintained facilities which support student success.
  • Make decisions that are data-supported, creative, efficient and enhanced by emerging technologies.
  • Improve our communication efforts with all constituents.