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Temporary Conditions

Temporary Conditions

Communicate first with your course instructors to discuss your situation and how it impacts your ability to complete coursework.

  • You may be referred to the DRC if the instructor and/or department needs assistance or is unable to identify a solution.
  • If accommodations are needed, you should fill out the application on DRC Student Portal.
    • If you have medical documentation, you can upload it on this registration form.
  • DRC staff may request additional medical documentation including diagnosis, expected duration of the condition, treatment, and limitations (e.g., hospital discharge summaries, doctor’s notes, etc.) if the condition is not readily observable.
  • Contact course instructors regarding your medical condition, absences, expected date of return to class, make up, etc. Typically, instructors determine how much flexibility is possible to stay current in the class.
  • If unable to contact instructors, students or designated individuals should contact: Office of the Dean of Students.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders and comply with treatment.
  • Get absence notes and written medical information (e.g., condition, symptoms, restrictions, recommendations, duration, etc.)
  • Contact Student Health Center – 910-962-3280 – to investigate on-campus medical services.

Personalized Transportation Service: Please note personal transportation and travel about campus is the responsibility of each individual. UNCW is not responsible for providing personalized, door-to-door transportation services for students.  All students are able to utilize the accessible resources available on campus.

Consider one of the following supports at UNCW:
Contact UNCW’s Environmental Health & Safety Office if you have questions or concerns about campus evacuation procedures.

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