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Two-Factor Authentication FAQs

Is 2FA mandatory?

Yes. In an effort to increase cyber security and protect your UNCW identity, ITS has implemented Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and it is mandatory for all UNCW students, faculty, and staff to access UNCW applications, such as Office 365, email, and VPN.

To enroll, visit our 2FA Portal, and have a smartphone or tablet handy to install the Duo Mobile app.

Need Help? Check out the knowledge base article, "How do I Set up Duo Mobile to Work with my UNCW Account?"

Are there instructions for enrolling in 2FA/how do I enroll in 2FA?

You can view instructions on enrolling in 2FA in our knowledge base article, "How do I Set up Duo Mobile to Work with my UNCW Account?"

Do I need any special equipment in order to enroll in or use 2FA?

UNCW’s ITS has implemented Duo Security in order to provide an easy and effective 2FA solution to everyone. This system will require an authentication device. We recommend a smartphone or tablet for the best and most complete experience.

What are the future plans for this program?

You can expect the number of services supporting 2FA to grow over the next months and years. ITS strives to create a seamless and secure user experience for every UNCW service.

As 2FA adoption increases, we will look at reducing the number of times our passwords must be changed.

Who is required to use 2FA?

All UNCW community members with faculty, staff, student, or sponsored accounts are required to use 2FA.

What devices can be used for Two-Factor Authentication?

  • Smart Phone: A smartphone (a cell phone that allows you to download and install apps) provides the greatest number of verification options.
  • Mobile Phone: A mobile phone (a cell phone that does not allow you to download and install apps) has one verification option.
  • Tablet: A tablet provides some of the same verification options as a smartphone.

What if I am having issues with 2FA?

Please CHAT with TAC or visit our knowledge base article, How do I Resolve Common Account and 2FA Issues?

What if I lose or forget my cell phone/2FA device?

Please CHAT with TAC or use the Report an issue with your UNCW Account if you lose or forget your cell phone / 2FA device. Please note your password still protects your account. If you have added more than one device to your Duo account, you can use that to access our 2FA Portal and remove the lost device from your device options.

What UNCW systems/applications utilize Two-Factor Authentication?

  • Email
  • Office 365 including:
    • Outlook
    • One Drive
    • SharePoint
    • Teams
  • VPN
  • And more to come!

What exactly is Duo?

Duo is an application that provides the 2FA service used by the university. There is a Duo app that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones and tablets. The app provides push notifications and passcodes, two of the methods that can be used to verify your identity when logging in to any 2FA-protected service or system.

If you need help using Duo to authenticate using a text passcode, then check out our knowledge base article: "How do I use the Duo Text Passcode Authentication Method?"

What do I do if I get a notification from Duo that I did not request?

Do not accept any 2FA push notification if you do not believe you attempted to authenticate to any service, as this might be an attempt to compromise your credentials. Next, CHAT with TAC or use the Report an issue with your UNCW Account.

Should I have more than one enrolled device/can I use multiple devices with Duo?

Yes. You are encouraged to enroll at least two devices (such as a smartphone and/or tablet) with Duo. This will prevent difficulties with verifying your identity on the chance that your primary enrolled device is unavailable.

Do I have to use Duo every time I sign on? Is there an option to remember my device?

In most cases you will not be prompted for 2FA every time you sign on; however, over some services, like VPN or Horizon, you can expect a prompt whenever you connect.

Can international phone numbers be used with Duo, and will Duo work internationally?

Yes. All international phone numbers are supported, and Duo will work anywhere in the world.

Can I still use Duo if I am in a location without cellphone service/mobile Internet access?

Yes, the Duo Mobile App can generate a passcode that can be used even if your mobile device has no service / Internet connection.

Can I use Duo without incurring any additional data or text messaging costs?

Yes. Generating the 2FA passcodes does not send any kind of message, use data, or incur any data or text messaging costs. You can generate passcodes even when you are not connected to the Internet or connected to a cellular data network. Additionally, because the app stops running as soon as you close it, it won't drain your battery.

If you have additional questions or troubleshooting issues with the Duo App, we highly recommend that you explore the DUO knowledge base.

Two-Factor Authentication

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