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Billing Information

Billing Glossary of Terms

A cancellation is when all enrollment is ceased prior to the first official day of classes for the 
term. No tuition or fees are charged, but other charges related to attending the University are the responsibility of the student.

Certain graduate professional programs carry a differential tuition, or “premium,” in addition to the regular graduate tuition. This increased tuition charge is used to maintain & enhance the excellence of the program while assuring access to them.

For fee-charging purposes, a distance education program is one where 80% or more of the direct instruction of the program is delivered through distance education or off-campus means.

A drop is initiated through Seanet and removes one or all classes from the student’s course schedule before the end of the ADD/DROP period each term. Dropping a course during the add/drop period may result in a reduced tuition charge, if the drop reduces total hours to below the full-time credit hours of tuition; 12 for Undergraduate and 9 for Graduate. Dropping a course after the last official day to drop a class during the term will not reduce tuition.

Holds can be added to a student account by multiple offices for a variety of reasons. The goal is to restrict activity to get the student to take action or reach out to the initiating department.

Most holds refer to a block of requested transcripts, diplomas, or registration changes because of an unpaid overdue balance.

OAP (Online Accelerated Program) students have a hold preventing enrollment in the TealPay Payment Plan.

Good holds can be added to prevent a non-pay drop in case of a pending 529 payment. Please contact for more information.

Accounts not paid by the due date.

An equal tuition rate for main campus & distance education programs/courses. Tuition (including differential tuition) will be charged one rate per each credit hour up to the full-time enrollment levels. The per credit hour rates will be equal across all methods of instruction.

Students are dropped for non-payment after the first and second bills of the term. Student Accounts works closely with the Registrar to allow these students to maintain their existing course schedule if certain criteria are met. Students get an email detailing the steps to follow in order to be reinstated and the time period usually last 1-3 days.

Your billing statement reflects the charges and credits on your Student Account at the time the statement was produced. Any charges added to your student account after your statement is issued are also due by the bill due date. Students may generate an On-Demand Statement at any time in E-bill for each term. On-Demand Statements will include all activity on the account for the term, including activity since the last regularly issued statement.

Previously, tuition (excluding Distance Education) was assessed using the “stair-step” approach. Meaning that tuition was charged flat rates for certain ranges of credit hours up to the full-time enrollment level; 12-credit hours for undergraduates & 9-credit hours for graduates. The "stair step" tuition rates were applied through Spring 2021.

A monthly payment plan that UNCW students can use to pay their semester account charges. This is an interest-free alternative to paying a bill in one lump sum at the beginning of each term. OAP (Online Accelerated Program) students are not permitted to enroll in the payment plan.

A withdrawal is removing yourself from one or all classes after the term has started by withdrawing online after the ADD/DROP date has passed. If the withdrawal is effective during the withdrawal refund period, tuition and fees will be reduced according to the withdrawal refund schedule.