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Sport Club Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

A recognized student organization that is student led and initiated. Sport Clubs are made up of individuals that have a desire to compete or participate in a sport throughout their college career. The clubs may be recreational, instructional or competitive in nature. Sport Clubs are not NCAA athletic teams or intramural sports.
Take a look at the sport club main page to see if your club already exists. If you don't see it listed as a sport club, then it may be a "general interest" club. You can search through WaveLink.
The best way to join a club is to contact the club directly. The club officer will provide you information on practice time, dues, and other club requirements.
Most clubs do not require that you have any experience to join. The students or volunteer coaches will assist you in learning the sport.
Clubs usually require the individual to supply their own personal equipment. Items or supplies that can be used by everyone are typically purchased with the club's generated income. Students must complete a waiver and, in some cases, a baseline or swim test prior to beginning practice.
Depending on the competitiveness and membership size of the club, some clubs will have try-outs to determine their travel or competition squad. However, clubs cannot "cut" a student from practicing or participating in the social aspects of the club.
Most clubs charge dues either on a yearly or a semesterly basis. For clubs requiring equipment to play, the individual is responsible for purchasing the necessary personal items.
Time is determined by your commitment and the level of competitiveness of each club. Student initiated and student led clubs determine by their own process how active they will be.
Many of the Sport Clubs do compete intercollegiately with other collegiate Sport Club teams. Travel for competitions is optional and the competitiveness of each club depends on the club's membership.
Sport Clubs do not provide scholarships to their athletes.
  1. Identify a sport that is not currently offered as a sport club.
  2. Contact us via email to get the history (if any).
    of the club on our campus. We will schedule a meeting to talk about it.
  3. Follow the steps required by the Campus Activities and Involvement Center for beginning a new club, which are outlined here.
  4. After your club has received approval, the Sport Club Coordinator will work with your club to present to the Sport Club Advisory Board, who will vote on your club joining the Sport Club Council.
  5. If approved, the Sport Club Coordinator will help you schedule practice times, complete waivers, and begin your time as a sport club.
Sport Club Council

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