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Junior Program Welcome Page

What you need for program

Make sure your student arrives prepared, with sunscreen applied, and has eaten a nutritious breakfast.

To begin our programs without schedule delays, we ask that all students arrive ready for the day. On the first day (Monday), all students should arrive wearing a bathing suit under their field clothes, and appropriate closed-toed shoes; with the exception of Small Fry and ArtSea Mini who should arrive wearing play clothes.

  • Field clothing
    • Weather-appropriate clothing that can get wet and muddy.
    • Do not wear clothes that cannot be permanently stained or accidentally damaged.
    • If a student questions if their field clothes are appropriate please review the dress code found in the policies and procedures.  
  • Swimsuit with rashguard/shirt for sun protection.
  • Closed-toed field shoes.
    • All-terrain closed-toed sandals (Keen-like), water shoes, or old tennis shoes with laces.
    • Please note that although the “croc” style clog with ankle strap is very popular with students, crocs have proven to be a problem in the marsh mud and on exceptionally hot pavement.
  • If you wear glasses, please wear a neckstrap.

Each day your student needs a variety of items available throughout the day.  We prefer that students bring these items in a traditional backpack as it is easiest for students to manage.  Make sure your child’s name is clearly marked on ALL of the items listed below and that the student can carry the bag.  Please only pack what your child will need for each day.  


  • Nutritious bagged snack and a beverage.
    • No glass bottles, caffeinated beverages (these can contribute to dehydration), or chewing gum.
    • If snack is not in a water-proof lunch box, please put lunch in a plastic ziplock bag.
  • Full-day programs only - nutritious bagged lunch and beverage preferably in an insulated lunch bag to stay cool.
    • No glass bottles, caffeinated beverages, or chewing gum.
    • If lunch is not in a water-proof lunch bag, please put it in a Ziplock plastic bag.
  • Please try to avoid food that contains peanuts for the safety of any fellow student who may have severe allergies.


  • Backpack containing:
    • A hat with a visor.
    • Water bottle (must have at least one and we will refill them during the day).
    • Waterproof sunscreen (SPF 15 +), we suggest spray sunscreen for easy application.
    • Dry “beach” towel in a water-proof bag (ziplock) that can get wet and muddy.
    • Full change of clothes in a waterproof bag (ziplock).
    • Extra pair of closed-toe shoes for lab/non-field related activities (this is a second pair in addition to the field shoes listed in “what to wear” above).
    • Rain gear – rain jacket, poncho if rain is in the forecast.
    • Sweatshirt or light jacket only if the weather indicates or if your child gets cold easily.


Any necessary prescription or over-the-counter medications that must be taken during the day must be clearly labeled with student’s name and instructions for administering and must be handed directly to the MarineQuest instructor at the start of the day. Medications will be placed in the appropriate medication box and carried throughout the day by the MarineQuest instructor. It is the parent’s responsibility to ask for the return of the medicines at the end of the day. At no time should students have possession of the medicines themselves (*exception: epi-pens and/or rescue inhalers may be held by students if a second epi-pen and/or rescue inhaler is in the possession of the instructor).

The agenda listing what materials will be needed on each day will be distributed during check-in on the program’s first day.

  • Waterproof camera
  • Waterproof watch
  • Bug spray
  • Small hand-held fan - If your child complains of the heat, you may want to provide them with a small travel-size hand-held fan
  • Cell phone
  • Smartwatches
  • Gaming devices
  • Treasured items such stuffed animals, toys, collectable items, and jewelry

Commuter Parent Information

You must complete the required steps on the MarineQuest enrollment completion page.

The confirmation form is best completed in one sitting (about 30 uninterrupted minutes).  If you must leave the confirmation form and finish later that's ok! You must access the form on the same computer and internet browser as cookies are used to save your progress.  Please note this progress is only saved for 2 weeks.  Please contact MarineQuest if you have any issues accessing an incomplete survey, we can help!

If you require access to update your forms please email MarineQuest and we will provide a link for you to resubmit information.  

Students who are registered for more than one program only need to submit one confirmation form.  

See below for a list of information and materials you will need to complete the confirmation form:

  • Student information
  • Custodial parent's contact information
  • Primary and secondary emergency contact information 
  • Authorized carpoolers contact information
  • Medical physician contact information 
  • Medical insurance card (electronic copy) 
  • Current medical conditions, medication, and allergies
  • Date of last tetanus immunization 
  • Roommate requests (overnight programs)
  • Program-specific supplemental release forms (see below) 

We ask that you complete your confirmation forms within 72 hours after registering. Without Confirmation Forms your child cannot attend the program.

All families are expected to view the MarineQuest Policies and Procedures video, which will be sent to you via email before their program begins. This video provides important information to ensure your child has a successful week at MarineQuest. Parents will receive a detailed agenda on the first day of program from the instructor.  The agenda will outline what clothing should be worn for each day. 

Upon arrival, parents should remain in their car and follow staff members’ instructions to locate their student’s program check-in area. Each program will be designated by a sign with their program name. Students are not allowed to ‘walk themselves to the program’, as Parents/Guardians must sign their student in/out daily. Program instructors will check in each student during drop-off each morning, and they will be checked out at pick-up each day. Parents and guardians must remain in their vehicles. If you are running late, please call the appropriate phone number (found on the program agenda) so our program instructors can plan accordingly. To ensure program quality, we make every effort to begin programs on time each day.

NOTE: Unless prior arrangements have been made with staff, children must be picked up on time at the end of the program day. Any child who is not picked up on time will be accompanied by their program instructor to the MarineQuest summer office located in the MacMillan Modular. UNCW MarineQuest reserves the right to charge $15/hour for late pick-ups (minimum charge is for one hour regardless of tardiness).

Be aware of children in the parking lot and drive very slowly obeying all MarineQuest signage. We ask that you refrain from the use of handheld mobile devices while in the parking lot. Since young children are involved, drive cautiously! On the first day of the program, our staff will direct you to your check-in location. For the rest of the week, drop your student off at the designated area on the linked campus map.

If you need to contact program staff or your child during their program please call our office number 910.962.2460.  This number is also available on the program agenda you will receive on the first day.  

NOTE: We expect any conversations that take place - by phone or in-person - to be conducted in a civil manner by all parties involved.

Staff members are instructed to make note of any incidents or accidents during each day of program. These reports will be shared with parents either by phone at the time of the incident or in person at the end of the day. Do not be alarmed if a staff member calls to speak with you about an ‘incident’ – we just want to make sure we have good lines of communication with parents. 

Students must bring at least 1 reusable water bottle to program. Students will be encouraged to refill the bottles during outdoor activities. It is very important that everyone drink plenty of water and communicate any feelings of physical discomfort to their instructors to prevent heat-related ailments.

Please note: If a student refuses to hydrate when instructed to do so, they may be excused from program. Dehydration can quickly turn into an emergency situation.

MarineQuest staff are not able to apply sunscreen on your child.  We can only remind and provide backup sunscreen.  We will encourage your child to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.  Because of this we suggest packing spray sunscreen.  If you don’t think your child can apply sunscreen themselves to their back, please tell your child not to take their rashguard or shirt off.  If your child is extremely sensitive to sun exposure, please share this information in the confirmation paperwork so that your instructors are aware of the sensitivity.  

Any prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medication that a student brings must be checked-in to MarineQuest staff at check-in.  Medications must be in their original packaging or have a copy of the drug facts and pill description.  Students with prescription medications that are administered on an as-needed basis must be communicated in the confirmation forms when they are needed by describing the symptoms, symptoms must match those listed on the prescription.  Please do not send medications in weekly travel containers as they are not in compliance with safety guidelines.  Upon request, if a student brings 2 inhalers, 2 epi pens, and some 2 topical creams one can be kept by students.  Also, the parent must sign a release of the medication to the student at check-in.

MarineQuest maintains a stock of generic OTC medications for all ages (child, jr., adult) including ibuprofen, extra-strength non-aspirin tablets, antacids, motion sickness meds, allergy antihistamines, and swimmer’s ear drops. However, if your child regularly takes an OTC we ask that they bring this medication with them.  For example, if your child takes Benadryl before bed, we ask that you provide this medication in its original packaging. 

MarineQuest is an academic program. If your child takes medication for school, we expect them to take it as prescribed while attending program. Please note that if your child is sensitive to taking their medication, we will make every effort to administer the medication in private.

Interactive Campus Map

Find buildings, parking, and details about locations on our beautiful campus.

MarineQuest Policies

At UNCW MarineQuest we value students' safety, education, and enjoyment in that order.  This attention to safety and education maintains the integrity of our university and program as well as provides an academic environment that keeps our students and families coming back year after year.  All program participants must abide by the following policies and procedures.  

The Policies and Procedure document communicates our expectations and policies regarding the protection of minors, what students can bring to the program, illness, and weather.

MarineQuest Policies and Procedures

To ensure that everyone has a positive experience while participating in a MarineQuest program located at facilities of the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), students attending the Program are expected to behave in a disciplined, responsible, and respectful manner when on or off the UNCW Campus.  Failure to follow the rules and regulations stated in the MarineQuest Student Code of Conduct will result in immediate disciplinary action.  

MarineQuest Student Code of Conduct

The following disciplinary actions will be implemented for any student who does not follow the Student Code of Conduct:

  • First offense - A verbal warning explaining the behavior to parents and a conversation about the expected behavior will take place. 
  • Second offense - The student will be removed from the activity and parents will be called to discuss the behavior. 
  • Third offense - Parents will be called to notify them of their student's dismissal from the program. 

In cases of zero-tolerance offenses, the student will be immediately dismissed from the program.  

Policy States 

  • Cancellations made prior to April 14th (8 weeks from the opening of the summer season on June 9th), will receive a full refund minus a processing fee of 15%. 
  • Cancellations made on or after April 14th through May 12th (4 weeks from the opening of the summer season on June 9th), will receive a 50% refund. 
  • Cancellations made after May 12th, will receive no refund. 

To ensure that our summer programs are of the highest quality, we plan, schedule, and commit to paying for staff, supplies transportation, and recreational activities months before summer begins.  Families typically book their summer program months in advance. Therefore, last-minute cancellations are complicated for us to fill since most students have already made other arrangements for the summer. 

If you need to change dates (and space is available in another session during the current summer) there is a $50 processing fee.  
The program reserves the right to cancel a session in the unlikelihood of low enrollment. If the data suggests a cancellation, you will be contacted by a program representative 4 weeks prior to the start program start date.  
We strongly encourage you to secure travelers or summer camp insurance to protect your investment. Make sure the policy covers communicable diseases (which includes COVID-19) and/or cancellations.  

Emergency Weather Information 

In the event of severe weather such as a hurricane, students will be sent home with as much notice as possible. If the Program is canceled prior to check-in a refund less a processing fee of 15% will be issued. If cancellation occurs after the program has started, we will issue an appropriate refund (pro-rated) that takes into account the activities already completed. This is based on the unpredictability of severe weather. 
To seek information about severe weather on campus, you can find UNCW alerts here. You should also check the UNCW Emergency & Safety webpage for more information regarding severe weather. MarineQuest will always contact parents in the event of an emergency. 
***Please note under normal weather conditions we operate rain or shine. HOWEVER, some activities may be rescheduled or canceled due to safety concerns. 


All cancellation requests must be made in writing e-mail or mail.  



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Cancellation and Refund Policy


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