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My Room and Residence Hall

You can find room layout and other information on your residence hall page. All front desks can be found in the residence hall's lobby except for the (University Suites which is located in Schwartz Hall). In the Seahawk apartment communities, the Crossing desk is located in building two, the Landing desk is located in building 6, and the Village desk is located in the clubhouse.

Cleaning & Laundry

Each student is responsible for cleaning their room. Vacuum cleaners are available to check out in each residence hall at the front desk. All communal bathroom facilities are cleaned by our housekeeping staff regularly.

Students Living in Seahawk Village, Seahawk Crossing, University Suite and Seahawk Landing are responsible for cleaning their own bathroom facilities.

Laundry rooms are located in each residence hall of traditional housing and in each apartment in Seahawk Landing, Seahawk Village and Seahawk Crossing. Laundry is completely free. Students must provide their own laundry detergent.

Need something fixed? File a maintenance request.

The university cannot be held accountable for loss, damage or theft to any student's personal property, all students are encouraged to carry their own insurance coverage. Your family's homeowner or tenant insurance may provide coverage, or you can arrange for personal property coverage.

Traditional residence hall rooms and Seahawk Crossing: Extra long twin sized sheets. Seahawk Village, Seahawk Landing, Terrapin Single Room and Loggerhead Single Room: XL Full sheets (53" x 80" x 6").

Students are allowed to keep a personal refrigerator and/or microwave in their room, with the following restrictions:

  • Refrigerators cannot be larger than 4.9 cubic feet.
  • Personal microwaves are permitted; however, they must be under 700 watts.

UNCW Housing & Residence Life has also partnered with Standards for Living to supply students with approved MicroFridge units. The MicroFridge is an appliance that features a refrigerator/freezer and microwave oven with a patented electrical management system. To find out how to rent a MicroFridge, go to Standards For Living.

There is a designated trash area / room in or near each residence area where students may properly dispose of trash and recyclable items.

More information regarding recycling

For more information on connecting your devices, please visit Information Technology Services (ITS) Support page.

  • One ethernet port per student in each room.
  • No cable is provided.
We invite you to bring any streaming devices as we no longer provide cable in the residence halls.

Other FAQs

Your mailing address is only used for directing mail to students on campus. This is the address you'll share with family and friends who want to send you mail, or when making online purchases. Each student will be assigned a post office box by the UNCW Post Office located in Fisher University Union. There is no direct mail delivery service to your residence hall/area.

You should leave a forwarding address with UNCW's postal service anytime you leave UNCW for more than one month. Your mail will be sent to the specified address during the requested time. If you fail to leave a forwarding address, your mail may be marked as returned to sender.

Please note that your physical address (building) and your mailing address will be different.

Your physical address on campus is used when you need to provide a record of your residence in Wilmington; for example, if registering to vote in New Hanover County, you will need to provide your physical address.

Find your physical address

The Hawk Wheels Bike Share Program is available for students to rent bikes.

The Seahawk Shuttle provides prompt and comfortable service for those who need to get around campus.
WAVE, Wilmington's transit service, is available to carry students from campus to different locations around Wilmington, such as the mall, downtown, Mayfaire Town Center, and many other locations. This service is free of charge with a valid UNCW ID.

A student can bring and register a bike for transportation purposes, and students can also use a skateboard, which is a popular means of getting around campus.

Storage during the summer is not available on campus; however, there are many off-campus options available. Consider finding a couple of friends to share a storage unit with during the summer.

Students with a documented disability who would like to request their Emotional Support Animal be with them in their on-campus residence must first complete the enrollment process with the DRC. 

Disability Resource Center

Agreement release is addressed in section 10 of the housing agreement. The section is as follows

10.1 Students may be released from their obligations for on-campus housing without responsibility for the second semester charges in the following cases:

A. complete withdrawal from the university

B. marriage (proof required)

C. transfer to another university or study abroad (proof required)

D. graduation

10.2 Requests to be released from the fall semester under one of the above conditions must be made in writing, with the above listed proof, to the Department of Housing and Residence Life by March 1 to avoid a $250 late cancellation charge.

10. 3 Requests to be released from the spring semester under one of the above conditions must be made in writing, with the above listed proof, to the Department of Housing and Residence Life by November 1 to avoid a $250 late cancellation charge.

10.4 Requests to be released for other reasons will be considered at UNCW’s complete discretion and must be made in writing to the Office of Housing and Residence Life. If granted, a fee will be assessed equal to one third (1/3) of a semester’s rent. For example, if one semester’s rent is equal to $2,967 , the student will be assessed a cancellation fee of $989 . If one semester’s rent is equal to $4,090 , the student will be assessed a cancellation fee of $1,363.

10.5 If the request is based upon one of the four exceptions listed in section 10.1 above, the cancellation fee of one third’s semester rent will not apply.

If you have an exception as stated above, please email

If you believe you have an exception that has not been addressed in this section, please visit the UNCW HRL Appeals and Concerns page.