Off-Campus Student Services


UNCW has many resources to help answer the questions and concerns you have while you are here as a student. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources by looking at their websites, going to their offices or making an appointment with a staff member.

Street Sheet, Wilmington NC

City of Wilmington resources. Resources include food pantry and meal services, housing and shelter services, health and medical services, and mental health and substance abuse services.

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Campus Activities and Involvement Center

Our mission as the Campus Activities & Involvement Center (CAIC) is to be the student gateway to entertainment, involvement, and leadership on campus. As part of the Division of Student Affairs, we are creating experiences for life by providing opportunities for students t o participate actively, grow personally, and explore new ideas and interests through a variety of entertainment and involvement experiences.

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Campus Dining

Check out dining locations, nutritional and wellness information, sustainability, as well as meal plans.

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Campus Recreation

The Department of Campus Recreation organizes and administers a variety of structured and self-directed recreational services that enhance the overall wellness of the university community. Our mission is to provide quality recreational experiences and facilities thus enhancing the overall educational experience of the campus community.

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UNCW CARE intervenes on a broad spectrum of violent behaviors, including sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking and harassment. We offer a comprehensive variety of violence prevention and relationship education programs, trainings, and educational campaigns to the UNCW campus. We respond to students who have been victimized, as well as those affected by someone else's experience with abuse or assault, by providing supportive services, including crisis response, individual advocacy and coordination with both on-campus and off-campus resources.

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Career Center

The mission of the UNCW Career Center is to be a comprehensive career counseling and resource center dedicated to empowering students and alumni as active participants in their own career development. Through the journey of learning, career exploration, and applied learning opportunities, students are motivated to expand their knowledge of themselves and the world of work in a dynamic global community.

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Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Leadership is a choice, not a rank.  The office for all things service and leadership!

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Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to advocacy and education centered on student growth and self-responsibility by serving as a central resource for UNCW students, faculty and staff. Our mission is to foster a respectful and dynamic community that affirms the value and contributions of each individual, and which harbors and elevates democracy, civility, and diversity as paramount values.

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Counseling Center

The goal of the Counseling Center is to assist enrolled students in maximizing their success at UNCW and in life. The center's staff provides confidential, time-effective counseling services to help students build a successful college experience. Services include individual and group counseling for personal or relationship concerns.

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Crossroads, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Education Programs, is dedicated to the advancement of thoughtful and healthy decision-making regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

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Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center is the designated office that provides services to students with disabilities who are enrolled at UNCW.

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Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Our office is prepared to assist you in the process of securing the resources necessary to afford your college education

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Parking Services

Parking & Transportation Services manages the university's parking resources and facilitates the use of alternative transportation methods including providing shuttle services to, from and around campus. We are committed to a safe campus environment for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

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Randall Library

William Madison Randall Library supports the  mission of the University   by providing information resources and learner-centered services and by cultivating a rich physical and virtual environment dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and an information-literate community.

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Housing and Residence Life

UNCW Housing and Residence Life offers students safe, affordable, and well-maintained residential facilities, complemented by exceptional customer service from highly trained staff. The department fosters inclusive communities for holistic student learning by promoting personal responsibility, offering intentional programming, and providing leadership development opportunities. We value efficient use of resources, technological innovation, sustainable practices, and continuous improvement to better serve our residential community.

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Abrons Student Health Center

The mission of the Abrons Student Health Center (SHC) is to provide student-centered, affordable, quality health and preventive service to the students of UNCW.  Made up of four parts – Medical Services, the Pharmacy, Health Promotion and Crossroads – we work collaboratively to best help students maintain wellness and make healthy lifestyle decisions while at UNCW.  The Abrons Student Health Center is on the second floor of DePaolo Hall.

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From books, gear, and coffee, the UNCW bookstore has it all! 

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University Learning Center

The University Learning Center is committed to being a vital part of UNCW students' education. Our academic support services are based on the principle that quality learning takes place when peers work collaboratively to develop knowledge and build skills. The University Learning Center provides students a learning environment and experience that differs from the classroom; we focus on high-quality individual, small-group and large-group student-centered and student-led learning.

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