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Transfer Students


New student transfer credits are articulated after being accepted to the university. Students have access to view transfer credits on academic transcripts via SeaNet after they've signed up for orientation.

Students currently enrolled in transient study at another institution are required to complete a Transient Study form prior to enrolling at another institution. This form is available in the student's program department.

Credit will be awarded and posted to the system after receipt of the official transcript, according to the course approvals on your transient study form.

Only grades of C (2.00) or higher are transferable.

It may be that the course is not comparable to any course at UNCW or it may not be a college transferable course.

Visit the Transfer Equivalencies site to view course equivalences. The Transfer Equivalencies site is updated each work day.

If you have specific questions about how your credit has been evaluated contact the transfer articulation administrator. Be sure to provide the school and course in question.

Transfer credit is articulated from the official transcripts of the institutions attended. Student's most recent course work may not articulate immediately, especially if students are currently completing a course or transferring from a previous semester at another institution.

This credit will be articulated once the Office of Admissions receives a final transcript reflecting the grades for this course work. Be sure to request that a final, completed transcript be sent to the Office of Admissions once final course work is completed.

We are unable to respond individually to requests for receipt confirmation on updated transcripts. SeaNet will reflect the latest revisions once the evaluation has been updated.

UNC Wilmington operates under the semester system. Semester hour totals will be less than quarter hour totals since the conversion is set at a rate of 1.5. For example, 3 quarter hours equal 2 semester hours.

Courses that were transferable have been converted to semester hours for students who attended North Carolina Community College before Summer of 1997.

These are college transferable courses. However, UNC Wilmington does not offer a comparable course.

The subject code and 001 is used to distinguish these courses as elective credits. For example: ENG 001 or PSY 001. The ELEC001 designation is used for general elective credits if the course cannot be designated to a particular department.

These courses may be further reviewed by the department of your major to determine if the course meets the intent of a specific course at UNC Wilmington. Contact your department advisor with any of these concerns or questions.

(Ending Summer 2024) Students transferring to UNC Wilmington may receive up to 90 semester hours of academic credit from all institutions attended; however, not more than 64 total hours can be transferred from two-year institutions.
(Ending Summer 2024) Correspondence courses (15 semester hours maximum), CLEP credit, AP credit, International Baccalaureate (HL only) and military credit will be counted in the 90 hours.

Beginning Fall 2024, there will no longer be any maximums on transfer credit.  Fifty percent (one-half) of the minimum semester hours required in the degree must be earned through enrollment in a regionally-accredited 4-year college or university.

Hours attempted and grade points earned at other institutions are not used in computing grade point averages except in the case of students applying to enter the Nursing program and seniors graduating with honors and/or distinctions.

U.S. citizens or green card holders that have taken post-secondary school courses at a foreign institution will need to submit a credential evaluation report to the Office of Admissions to determine academic credit.

The credential evaluation report initially will be used to assist in determining admissibility in accordance with UNCW standards. However, a final and official credit evaluation will be completed by the Office of the Registrar once admitted and deposited.

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