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Applied Learning & High Impact Practices

Enhancing Interdisciplinary Research Teams: The CAIT Model for Inclusive and Effective Mentorship

On Tuesday, April 16 from 12-1 PM in McNeill Hall 1051, Dr. Kris Hohn will lead a one-hour workshop that engages participants with the principles of interdisciplinary mentoring, emphasizing supporting students with minoritized identities. Hybrid options available; for in-person attendees lunch will be provided.

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Summer Institute on Design Thinking: The District C Approach to Teamship & Modern Work

On Thursday, May 16th from 9 am-2:30pm in Veterans Hall 1514, Dr. Lance Cummings and colleagues from District C ( will engage participants in a full-day workshop on a design thinking approach to Teamship. All participants who complete the full-day workshop will receive a $200 stipend for their time and engagement; participation is capped at 35.

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