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In addition to being a research facility designed by scientists for scientists, the MARBIONC facility allows tenants to work in a setting that provides university researchers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to trade ideas and spur potential collaboration.

Tenants at the MARBIONC research facility have access to services including biological screening, nutrient analysis, analytical services, synthetic chemists, nuclear magnetic resonance, and stable isotope spectroscopy subject to availability, training, and permissions.

The following unique core facilities are available on-site:

Spectroscopy Core Facility


  • Bruker Avance 500MHz NMR equipped with several probes including a 5mm Z gradient BBO probe (mainly for 13C spectra), and 5mm, 1.7mm, and 1mm Z-gradient TXI probes (for 1H and 13C spectra). This instrument can generate 1D as well as other multidimensional spectra such as COSY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMBC, and HSQC-TOCSY.


  • 1 single-quadrapole Waters Micromass ZQ ESI spectrometer coupled to an Agilent 1100 HPLC 
  • 1 single-quadrapole Waters Acquity QDa ESI Mass Detector coupled to a Waters I-Class UPLC
  • 1 Sciex triple quad/ linear ion trap  QTrap 4000 (for quantitation and MSn experiments) coupled to a Sciex Exion HPLC
  • 1 Waters G2XS qTOF mass spectrometer coupled to a Waters I-Class UPLC for high resolution mass spectrometry and metabolomics
  • 1 Mass Lynx / Progenesis Work Station

Other Core Facilities available:

  • Microscope Model: Zeiss Axio Imager.Z1.
    • S/N: 3512000350.
    • Settings: brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC), fluorescence.
    • Objectives: 2.5x, 20x, 40x, 40x (oil), 100x (oil).
    • Cameras: AxioCam HRm and AxioCam MRc5
  • BD FACSCelesta Flow Cytometer with 12-color detection:
    • blue (488), violet (405), red (640) laser configuration (excitation wavelengths)
    • blue filters: 530/30, 575/26, 610/20, 695/40
    • violet filters: 450/40, 525/50, 610/20, 660/20, 780/60
    • red filters: 670/30, 730/45, 780/60
    • Configured for both single tube and high throughput (HTS module) for 96-well or 384-well analysis
    • BD FACSDiva software 

Other unique Core Facilities available through Agreement

  • Standard DNA sequencing and fragment analysis
    • The Core has an Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer that is used for standard DNA sequencing and DNA fragment sizing analyses. Instrument ready reactions can be loaded and run by trained and approved personnel.
  • Next Generation DNA sequencing
    • The Core has a Roche GS Junior System that is capable of sequencing complete prokaryotic genomes and eukaryotic transcriptomes.
  • Real-time PCR
    • The Core has an Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR instrument. Instrument ready reactions can be loaded and run by trained and approved personnel.
  • The Nutrient Analysis laboratory houses six main instruments
    • 4 channel Bran+Luebbe AutoAnalyzer III, Shimadzu TOC 5050 and Antek 9000N, CE Elantech NC2100, Turner 10AU fluorometer, Shimadzu UV 1601 Spectrophotometer