Scientist looking through a microscope. Two chemists posing near a filled flask on a table. Two female scientists conversing near a table of lab equipment.



A1 Biochem Labs

ABCL offers custom synthesis, catalog compound, and worldwide chemical sourcing services to large pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, biotechs, universities, and research institutes.


ITI Technologies

ITI Technologies is a solutions development company with a focus on innovation for agriculture applications, industrial process additives, oil and gas production and many others. ITI Technologies’ commitment to do the right thing extends globally and is activated locally. They bring business, environment & community together through their vision to develop products that benefit all. ITI Technologies has assembled an executive management team with diverse business backgrounds ready to pursue the many applications of technologies. Their main plant and headquarters are located in Leland, NC and also operates a laboratory at MARBIONC.


RedLab, LLC

RED Lab, LLC, provides the most cost-effective solutions for on-site and in-lab analysis of environmental pollutants. With more than 20 years of environmental testing experience, they are focused on providing the latest developments in on-site technologies. They operate a lab in MARBIONC in Wilmington as well as a new location in Charlotte, NC. 


Portrett Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Portrett Pharmaceuticals is an analytical characterization laboratory specializing in small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients. Employs a wide range of testing services to support projects over it's life cycle (First Time in Man - Phase III).  They offer a unique customer service experience where they are flexible, collaborative, and strive to be an extension of their programs.


SeaTox Research

SeaTox Research Inc is a biotechnology research and development company developing bioassays and discovering pharmaceuticals from marine organisms.  SeaTox Research has earned several million dollars in federal and state grants to develop scientific products for public use. The company has created user-friendly tests for marine toxins that contaminate commercial seafood, which are designed to be used by research groups and regulatory agencies to monitor toxin content in fisheries in order to protect the public from the harmful effects of marine neurotoxins.  


Internal Research Groups


DrugDISCOvery Group

(Dr. R. Thomas Williamson)

The Drug DISCOvery team focuses on utilizing advanced analytical technologies to discover new chemical structures that could lead to advances in the medical field. The lab is located in the MARBIONC building at the Center for Marine Science at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. 

Immunologics and Neurotoxin Innovations Lab

(Dr. Jennifer McCall)

The Immunologics and Neurotoxin Innovations Lab is focused on drug discovery and development and finding new pharmacotherapeutics from the sea. They bio-prospect algae for active compounds that may be used to treat chronic inflammation, neurological dysfunction, and resistant bacterial or fungal infections. Additionally, they develop cell-based bioassays to test compounds for pharmacological activity and toxicity, as well as discover mechanisms of action. The lab is located in the MARBIONC building at the Center for Marine Science at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Algal Resources Collection

(Dr. Catharina Alves deSouza)

The Algal Resource Collection is a NSF funded Collection hosted by MARBIONC at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. They are a resource to both the HAB (harmful algal bloom) research community and other biotechnological collaborations. They have 412 strains in 10 algal groups with 349 strains distributed through the ARC website and 37 additional strains available through collaboration.


(Dr. Wade O. Watanabe)

The University of North Carolina Wilmington's Aquaculture Facility is situated on Harbor Island at Wrightsville Beach, southeastern North Carolina. Established in 1997, this research, educational and developmental facility currently consists of controlled-environment broodstock holding systems, larviculture laboratory, nutrition laboratory, ornamental fish laboratory, experimental hatchery with live feeds production systems, pilot commercial scale hatchery/nursery, and a variety of experimental reticulating growout tank systems. Feed preparation and analytical laboratories are located on site. Aquaculture program staff and student offices are located at the Academic Support Building on UNCW's main campus. Research in this area can help sustain harvestable marine species such as flounder and seabass. 

(Dr. Ami Wilbur)

The Shellfish Research Hatchery (SRH) is a ~12,000 ft, state-of-the-art facility located on the Center for Marine Science campus for the propagation of the early life stages of marine bivalves. The SRH was constructed in partnership with, and using state funds allocated to, the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries following recommendations resulting from a 2-year study by a multi-agency planning committee established through legislation by the NC General Assembly. The SRH has been in year-round operations since early 2011. Current projects involve the selective breeding of oysters, research on the performance advantages derived from triploidy, and crop diversification through the development of culture practices for bay scallops, pen shells and sunray Venus clams.