About Us

Founded in 2005, MARBIONC (Marine Biotechnology in North Carolina) discovers, develops and markets new products and technologies derived from living organisms found in the sea. We accomplish this by identifying niche markets, assembling optimal teams and providing the necessary infrastructure to successfully bring products to market. MARBIONC has also launched its commercial arm, MARBIONC Development Group, LLC, in December of 2008.

MARBIONC is unique in many ways. We cultivate all of our organisms in the lab, nearly eliminating the need to harvest from our endangered oceans. This cultivation method provides a stable, consistent supply of renewable resources to our in-house scientists and R&D business partners.

We seek out and identify constituent molecules and examine each for its potential uses. This approach enables MARBIONC to potentially identify numerous uses for each organism and significantly accelerates our ability to take products from the lab to the marketplace. Through this in-depth, innovative and evolving process, MARBIONC continues to discover new marine products that can improve our lives and our environment.