is Marine Biotechnology in North Carolina.

We are a R&D-based economic and workforce development program based at the University of North Carolina Wilmington that discovers, develops, and markets new products and technologies derived from the sea. The primary vision behind MARBIONC is to provide a space for university researchers, private firms, and government agencies to collaborate and work together in creating workforce and economic development for the next generation of biotechnology products and solutions.

The MARBIONC building is designed to encourage open and frequent communication between public and private researchers and companies. We currently house and welcome new growing organizations that focus on cutting-edge biotechnology, analytical services, environmental sciences and early stage pharmaceutical research and development. We offer rising biotechnology and life sciences groups from all over the country top-notch commercial wet laboratories available for lease at affordable rates, flexible terms, and innovative product development opportunities.

Our Vision is to position North Carolina's marine biotechnology industry as a key component in reaching workforce, economic, and environmental solutions on a global scale. MARBIONC provides space and opportunities for translational research initiatives that support economic growth, workforce development, and innovative product developments that benefit our University, our city, our country, our region, and the world.


Transforming the mysteries of the deep into the miracles of the marketplace