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Kestyn Baughan in Ireland

Kestyn Baughan, UNCW FYSA student (Fall 2015)
"I was able to study abroad the first semester freshman year, and it was an experience I will never forget. I was able to gain experiences and make memories that my peers at UNCW weren’t able to have. Also, I was able to bring those experiences, and that knowledge to the classroom at UNCW, which made me a better student. The friends I made abroad, the memories I had traveling, and overall my time in a foreign country was something I will never forget. If I had to go back and change my decision, I wouldn’t. Studying abroad my first semester made me a better student, individual, and it gave me memories I’ll have forever. "

Rachel Williams, UNCW FYSA student (Fall 2014)

"First Year Spring Admit students should study abroad to take a big leap into college. This program not only allows you to study abroad, but it acts as a stepping stone from high school to college. You can take classes that go towards your major, while being able to travel and explore on the weekends and during fall break. You will make friends with the other UNCW FYSA students that will be coming back to UNCW with you in the Spring, making the transition easier because you will have friends by your side. It is a rare opportunity for freshman to study abroad, but it is definitely worth it!"