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This program offers carefully selected and vetted Bangor University courses that will transfer back to UNCW and count toward graduation requirements. Students will enroll in a full time load of classes (12-15 credit hours). All students will enroll in the core required course, as well as three or four additional courses.

Course Registration

Registration for classes at Bangor University is a little different than at UNCW. Do not worry, UNCW staff and Bangor staff will be there to guide you. 

First you will meet with UNCW staff members to discuss course availability, and what might work best for your major/minor at UNCW. Since some of the courses that you may wish to take may not be available or may conflict with another class time, we will work closely with you to ensure you have a few back-up course options as well. 

The online enrollment process for this program will happen shortly before your arrival in Wales. On arrival in Bangor, you will be asked to attend an ID checking event where your identity will be verified- this step completes your registration as a student.

Required Course

Global Celtic Cultures: Examination through a Welsh Lens
This course introduces students to the Celtic-languages and their cultures, both historical and contemporary. Attention is given primarily to Welsh and Irish, with reference to the other four living Celtic languages and the disputed Celtic identities of Galicia (Spain) and US communities. The course imparts knowledge and teaches skills that are relevant not only to the specific cases of the Celtic languages of Great Britain and Ireland but, by extension, to indigenous and minority cultures more generally.

The course first considers the historical development of the Celtic languages and their literatures (specifically the store of medieval myths and legends, as well as the remarkable poetry of the bardic traditions). We then trace the evolution of these cultures through colonization and decline into the period of the Celtic Revival, political protest and language revitalisation, including the establishment of Celtic language-speaking communities in the Americas.

Given that Bangor is located in the area of Wales with the largest number of Welsh-speaking communities, students are encouraged to develop their understanding of this material outside the classroom, where they may discover and consider first-hand the factors (and challenges) that contribute to the continuation in the twenty-first century of a language spoken here before the arrival of the Romans.

Part of the teaching will be in field-trip form, where key cultural/historical sites will be visited. This course will count toward the "Living in a Global Society" degree requirement at UNCW.